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Education Project for Vulnerable Children in Cambodia

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Puthi Komar Organization

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

This year, our primary donor changed their country strategy, which has left the four community centers we operate facing a financial crisis which will lead to their closure if we cannot secure support from another source. So we are turning to Global Hand, and the generosity of the general public, to secure the future of our centers.

1000 vulnerable children are currently receiving support at the centers. Among these are: orphans, children affected by HIV/AIDs, children from street families, children from slum communities, children from families affected by domestic violence, trafficked children, and handicapped children. Without our centers, these children would lack the opportunity to receive an education and care, play, develop, be socialized; often they have been forgotten by their communities.

The children who attend our centers lack the financial resources to go to school, meaning they are not given the chance to go. Education is important for the future of these children but it is blocked by their economic circumstances. The children are asked by their parents to work hard to earn a small amount of money, even if the work is unsuitable to the children. We believe children should have a time for leisure (as per Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).

What is your project and how will it help?

We are seeking to building upon the experiences gained from projects in the formal education sector and expand, update and improve the early childhood development support and supplementary education we provide through our community centres.

The centers will continue to promote and reinforce children’s education and development through pre-school programs, remedial classes, and other non-formal education strategies. In addition, each community centre is linked to a local primary school, and we want to strengthen this relationship to increase the number of vulnerable children we can help. The quality and availability of the education these schools provide needs to be increased for the sake of the future of the students, and the number of children who dropout due to poverty needs to be reduced.

We will offer English and computer skills classes, which are vital for children’s future employability, and intervention classes for struggling children at risk of falling behind or dropping out.

The main activities we offer at the centers are:
- Pre-school classes: provided for children under the age of 6 years in Khmer, mathematics and English.
- Extra-curricular activity sessions: activities will include arts & crafts, dance, sports, reading, drawing, painting, collage, and origami activities. These sessions will be held every day for all children registered at the youth centers.
- Theatre and Storytelling: to develop the children’s speaking, listening and comprehension skills. Also aimed at encouraging artistic expression and creativity and strengthening their sense of cultural identity.
- Painting/Drawing, Music and Dance: to develop the children’s fine and gross motor skills and encourage artistic expression, creativity and strengthen their sense of cultural identity.
- Outside Games and Sports: to contribute to the children’s physical development, gross motor skills, and social ability. Encourage fair play, rules following, and solidarity with their peers.
- Collage and handicrafts: to develop fine motor skills, and encourage creativity.
- ESAR System play: The ESAR system is a methodological framework which allows the classification and analysis of playing materials by emphasizing the skills required by each toy or game, and by recognizing the specific contribution of the play activity to a child’s psychological development.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We are looking for companies or individuals to fund an education project, run out of our community centers.

Please detail the resources that you need.

This project has been designed for a duration of two years with many different outputs (see the Project Proposal document below). PKO is seeking support totalling US$45,038.00 to cover the cost of three outputs of the project, including:
Output 1 – pre-school classes,
Output 2 – extra curricular activities sessions, and
Output 5 – remedial classes for children falling behind in their education.

The US$45,038.00 will be used to cover the cost of the administration of the centers, materials, equipment, furniture, books, games, etc that support the activities of the centers for 1000 children daily. Please see the cost breakdown in the Budget Plan document below.

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