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Help vulnerable teens in Uganda by education and football

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Hope Soccer Academy

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

HOPE SOCCER ACADEMY (HOSA) is a registered nonprofit and community based organization in Uganda,which was founded in 2006 in response to promotion of sports in rural areas.

• To cater for the educational and vulnerable children whose families have no capacity of providing the basic needs. The organization is operating currently in Kabale to ensure that vulnerable children in this district are educated through sports like football and other sports so that they become resourceful in their communities.

Most of these children lost their parents to HIV/AIDS whereas others lost their parents to some curable diseases like malaria, Tuberculosis and others due poor access to health services. The organization endeavors to cater for children, empower them to have self-help projects to avoid dependency, fights for the rights of orphans to ensure equality, liberty and fraternity in their communities, nurture in them Christian values, instill in them the spirit of patriotism and the rest of social-economic affairs meant for transformed communities.

What is your project and how will it help?

The organization HOSA is meant to see that in the next 35 years, the child throws away the spirit of hopelessness from his or her conscience and realize that even in his or her suffering, God is in their midst. So in brief we hope to see that an educational orphan is self-reliant with skills and live a happy life like the rest of the people in his or her community. So what we do is to see that every orphan in HOSA goes to school and achieves something after studies especially fighting poverty and unemployment in their life through education and sports as they are major factors in Africa.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

With its infancy, HPE SOCCER ACADEMY-HOSA has been dealing locally with Ugandans who have been largely providing material and some little but helpful financial support for the orphans, but our hope is to see to it that we develop partnership with international organizations or agencies or individuals which we hope will make contributions towards the welfare of orphans as well as partaking in achieving the set goals of HOPE SOCCER ACADEMY-HOSA. Therefore, it is on this note that we call upon individuals or organizations to be partners with redeem the orphan campaign to achieve what is fitting for children’s’ education and welfare for them to fit in their communities. One can volunteer as an individual to mobilize funds for the organisation.

Please detail the resources that you need.

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