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Orphanage project in rural Uganda

Requested by

Bethany Rehabilitation Centre

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Bethany Rehabilitation Centre is a Ugandan NGO set up to help the local community of Bufumbira South in Kisoro, the South Western region of Uganda. The organisation tries to respond to the needs of vulnerable children, in particular, orphans. More than 120 orphans between 0-16 years have been registered. Many of these children lack all the basic necessities, and very few attend school. They also lack medical care. In Kisoro almost 7 percent of children below five years die each year from easily curable diseases, such as diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria. It’s not because of parental ignorance, but they don’t have access to affordable and effective lifesaving interventions like oral re-hydration solution (ORS) for diarrhea, antibiotics to treat respiratory infections, and anti-malaria tablets.

The particular group of children we want to help are the growing number of orphaned and homeless children affected by HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. There are also many children who are suffering in the Nyakabande transit camp because their parents have been killed by rebels in the neighbouring Congo. These children are often abandoned with no way of tracing family members.

What is your project and how will it help?

1. Orphanage project
In Kisoro district, Bethany Rehabilitation Center (BRC) would like to provide a small orphanage that will provide children with a safe and stable home, education and support throughout their childhood. We have currently registered over 120 children for the orphanage, and the need is growing.

2. Child survival programme. The project aims to put in place safe motherhood and child survival initiatives as its top priorities in healthcare for children.

3. Family outreach
Many rural people in Uganda face many challenges like unemployment and absolute poverty. The Bethany Rehabilitation Centre has come up with the idea of working with disadvantaged families to increase their physical, emotional and social well-being if funds are available. This would usually be in the form of immediate aid such as food, clothing, and medical fees amongst other things. In addition to this, another bigger problem is access to medical treatment and testing for HIV/AIDS; this problem occurs throughout Uganda but for these families they have a bigger problem because of their lack of education on sexual health, counselling and personal care.

Thus under the above aforementioned sub projects we shall be able to achieve orphans’ dreams if funds are available.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

1)Lobbying donations and other necessary support for the project
4)Connecting the donors, friends and other sponsors to the project
3)Organizing seminars and workshops about protecting children’s rights

Please detail the resources that you need.


Acquisition of land 2 Acres: 19,600
Construction &purchase of building materials: 180,500
Latrines 3:15X60fit: 2,340
Electricity 450 units: 972

Seeds e.g. beans, maize and Irish potatoes: 690
Goats (55): 1,980
Piggery keeping: 1,240
Poultry keeping: 1,450
Diary cows (7): 2,880
Sprayers 1⅟2: 220
Feeds: 240

Uniforms: 1,650
Shoes: 1,350
Blankets: 1,200
Mattresses: 2,700
Bed sheets: 3,000
School bags: 900
Books, pens, mathematical pens: 1,300
Schools fees: 9,240
Child survival program (Supplementary food for
malnourished children): 1,600
Medical care: 1,400
Water bills: 3,800
Feeding, firewood, saucepans, salt, cooking oil e.t.c: 6,400

Salaries and allowances for staff, support staff and
case workers: 3,948
Motor bike (1): 3,200
Computers (6): 1,800
Bicycles: 520


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Africa: Uganda

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Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training; HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, all (3)


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