Ave Maria Vocational Training and Youth Development Centre

(Unverified non-profit organisation)

The Ave Maria Vocational Training and Youth Development Centre is an NGO in Uganda, providing vocational skills training and education to vulnerable / disadvantaged / poverty stricken children, child mothers, child headed family members and young people between the age of 13 and 20. The organisation conducts both formal and non-formal programmes. It also supports rural women in crop production.



Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

100 million - 1,000 million

Participant in relevant networks

Uganda Red Cross Society; ADINA Foundation Uganda; Concerned Parents' Association; Centre for Children in Vulnerable Situation (CCVS);

Further information

About this organisation

Partnership types

Advocacy of global issues; Project funding

Regions / countries / territories

Africa: Uganda

Global issues

Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training; Food security and nutrition