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HEART TO HEART PROJECT LTD is an International organization with an aim to reach out to children, women and girls, and other penurious groups for their rights, well-being, Health, education and their social-economic emancipation.


a) To provide the best care for the vulnerable children and highlight the future of the girlchild.
b) To provide well fair services for the uplifting of girls, women and children, the aged, physical handicapped and destitute in the society.
c) To create an entry point for the social and economic engagement of marginalized girls and women and their families in Uganda.
d) To build homes for babies which have been neglected by their mothers.
e) To establish care centers for young mothers with no support to raise their children.
f) To build schools and hospitals with an aim of supporting mothers to child health.
g) To encourage skills development among girls and women with a view to reducing and eradicating poverty.
h) To establish projects for girl child and women empowerment, education and promoting their livelihoods through demonstrations, workshops and sensitization campaigns.
i) To initiate and implement programs and projects that will accelerate the social-economic development of girl child and women in the society.
j) To organize training workshops for promoting girl child rights and education, as well as women in economic empowerment activities, and also train other trainers in communities.
k) To teach and promote gender balance and values of girls and women recognition in the society and also fight against gender based violence.
l) To participate in social, economic, political and environmental activities, which are towards the development of girl child and women in the society.
m) To undertake social researches and studies on various problems affecting children, girls and women, and to design and implement programs and projects that will accelerate the social-economic and political development of women.
n) To carry out advocacy for girl child, women and children, for their rights and emancipation through various existing similar agencies.
o) To teach men about girl child and women values, respect and their support in the society.
p) To promote the girl child education, especially young girls from poor backgrounds.
q) To encourage formation of women groups and support them financially, with free interest loans and revolving funds.
r) To collaborate with various relevant agencies that will assist in the development of women in our contemporary society.
s) To encourage networking coordination among women in a nongovernment organizations, with a view to avoiding duplication and overlapping functions.



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