Help The Needy Inc

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Help the Needy Inc. is a tax exempt charitable organization established on November 25, 2015 in Chicago, IL. The organization is a support to hospitals, orphanages, widows, homeless, and college dropouts especially girls in Chicago, Ivory Coast and other developing countries in Africa through medical supplies and care, education, rehabilitation and reinsertion programs. The focus is on helping young girls, the homeless, vulnerable people, and people under the influence of drug and alcohol in Ivory Coast.

Objectives are Building schools for young girls and boys. Recruiting teachers, psychologists, and social workers who will help them achieve their academic goals. Building a detoxification treatment centers for people under the influence of drug and alcohol in Ivory Coast. The patients will have medical assessment and assistance. They will also be educated on how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and AIDS as well as educating on how to take their prescriptions properly. In addition, building refugee centers, and workshops where orphans, girls, and other vulnerable children can learn some trades or new career skills through vocational training in the art industry like music, painting, fashion, dancing, and hairdressing, construction and car repair as well as social care or healthcare industry. Additionally, providing medical supplies, school kits, clothing to hospitals, schools, and orphanages in Chicago, Ivory Coast, and developing countries.


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Less than 500,000

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Global Citizens, E-angel, Zealous Good.

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Advocacy of global issues; Project funding; Provision of services / personnel; all (4)

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Africa: Central African Republic; Cote d'Ivoire; Mali

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Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry; Arts and culture; Children, youth and all (12)

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Agriculture, aquaculture & forestry; Apparel & fashion; Arts, crafts & all (12)

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Community and social services; Education and training