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Mission Statement

Global Vision over Haiti today is a private, nonprofit Humanitarian organization founded on April 15, 2006 .Global’s mission is to provide consistent help, support to the poor and quake victims people living in diverse abandoned rural and urban communal areas of Haiti. Global organization has been specifically encouraging and offering training programs, implementing social cohesion to the Haitian community and aims to provide free education to adults and children (orphans) provides food and supplies to reduce starvation; creates shelters and support for the homeless. Build a Medical Center, allowing medical aids and supplies to be readily accessible to everyone. In order for Global to reach its vision and transport its mission towards reality, Global is in great needs of international finances sponsorship/ donations products from various companies, international agencies and voluntary organizations (individual volunteers are encouraged to provide support and services to Global). This wealth of support and encouragement will seriously aid Global organization in making a sincere difference to the conditions of people lives in Haiti.

Morne-A- Bruler, area of Haiti is a new, safe marketplace facing great development and income with charity settlement organization that is working for companies or donors agencies to expand, sell products or grow up their business within the community. The organization came with this idea and as primary asset of people healthcare services delivery as remote zone which would be an access to draw all the other profit business .However, the investors or companies are encouraged to support and create a working business relationship with the organization so that they can exploit all the available resources. Study reveals that through the healthcare services center the investors will get a great return either the community produce self resources as to consume, launch new project or run the social or partner activities. Our current vision is to submit projects and work corporately with the potential investors, companies or donor agencies so that positive changes can happen .Haiti is full of social problems. But ,solutions is to use innovative strategies projects and join organizations that are able to provide Healthcare services, eductation,foods assistance and build houses for the homeless and hundreds of other amazing things to improve their community needs.
The creation of a Social Healthcare Center or Services would be our first innovation to help companies or investor setting up any other businesses and also created employment as well as a School in the community would contribute to promote the emancipation of the education in the country and a source of come back for professors, even a great income or return for the investors and would even bring real social change in the community. An exchange of daily habits between professors and pupils. Global Vision Over Haiti Today has been providing Humanitarian assistance but, due to lack of means, financial resources and materials our mission is strongly impossible to accomplish. However, January 2010, a while after the Earthquake the organization runs without support and since then unable to reactive our programs because we have no organization and any supporter company. A long before January 12, 2010 Haiti was a poor country. The remote Zones have no health care center and not even the existence of a Medical Clinic.
Our Clinic has been devastated and reduced in dust with all the documents and materials. The hunger is very alarming, Life of everyone were regretful. Global Vision Over Haiti Today’s Mission is to help developing, restoring pre-earthquake, underprivileged areas and those who were devastated by January 12, 2010 Earthquake So, the main Goal is to associate our organization to an international company organization as lessor in order to help us accomplishing our vision.
As an international context that equates to the point , good governance, democracy and respect for human rights, the right to health is unquestionable legitimacy. In international society, the right to health as human right, was solemnly consecrated in 1946 by the constitution of the World Health Organization whose preamble states that "the possession of highest attainable standard of health is able to achieve is one of the fundamental rights of every human being regardless of race, religion, political belief, economic status or social ".
The right to health is defined as "all the provisions, statutory or otherwise, regulating the promotion and protection of health, equitable distribution of available resources and the status of all parties involved, such as patients, providers, institutions and funding agencies’

According to the social system and humanitarian commitment, new criteria are needed to define equity as needed, from which it follows
immediately that the aid should be given preference to the poor and needy. Most countries are now a humanitarian principle of the idea that health care should be regarded as a human right, and standing out clearly from the old elitist for that health care was the preserve of wealthy, able to pay
Economically, improve health status can lose fewer days of work and lengthen the working life.
Direct effects of care on economic activity are obvious and important; double the need of a hospital
The role of the hospital
The hospital aims to support patients and contribute to their health and well to answer all distress of all citizens, whatever their age and income.
Global Vision Over Haiti Today is an humanitarian organization registered to the Haiti Social Affairs and Labor Ministry Department with number : STC-06767 and the fiscal employer ID number is : 000- 603-225-1. Global is committed to partnering with other charities and corporations working to improve the delivery of Healthcare, Foods ,Education to the most abandoned poor areas in Haiti and creating shelter for the orphan children.
The interested organizations, companies, investors or volunteers are encouraged to fill the form so that we can expedite, qualify your partnership and add you to our programs and project database.
Contact information and Privacy Statement
Due to the fraudulent and scam mail and other crime that are currently running all over the world and in order to keep a safe business contact exchange privacy with only the concerned investors,
partner organizations or companies. we’re, strictly required in the early stage or first time to use the online form as to contact , mail any queries or discuss about any agreement till the applicant confirm our site visit for the development investment.
We welcome the concerned investors, or else representative for our site visit as we would be rather meeting them physically before qualify the partnership application. we are carefully and restrictively conducted business arrangement to whom we will deal with. So, in that point Without scheduling a meeting appointment or confirming our site visit. we are unable to keep on drawing out communications neither engaging with any contractual agreement
Should you require further information please do not hesitate to e-mail the below addresses

Organization History

Daniel Joseph the Founder of: Global Vision Over Haiti Today Saw the Area of: Morne-A-Bruler Haiti was abandoned without educational opportunities and in poor health conditions. For the longest time there was no organization that came into that area to help. Thus in 2006, Daniel Joseph pioneered the nonprofit organization Global Vision Over Haiti Today.
The goal of this organization was to provide free healthcare, shelter, educational assistances and food to this area of Haiti. Daniel manages and oversees development in diverse urban and rural areas of Haiti but needs support and sponsorship in order to accomplish this great vision. Using innovative strategy requirements for project rehabilitations together we can restore the abandoned areas of Haiti.
Global Vision Over Haiti Today has been manually created roads to facilitate the development and established a Medical Mobile Clinic in October 2007. This clinic has been offering free medical services and doctor consultations. It has been servicing the people of Haiti twice a week for over 4 years. The clinic holds training seminars on how to maintain good healthy living and listening to people’s general grievances. Prevention against illness Cholera, Malaria, HIV and Aids. Another service the medical clinic offers is the delivery of essential medicines to sick people.
Global Vision Over Haiti Today established a school by the name of Fundamental School in October 2007. This school offers underprivileged children the opportunity to learn and take part in educational programs and activities. There is a high focus on developing children and establishing a Christian training program. The fundamental School offers the children books and resources, qualified teachers, opportunities for parent teacher meetings. The Fundamental school feeds the children breakfast and lunch, involves them in social and community projects, provides information on housing orphans, and creates awareness about youth drug abuse and addiction.


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Just would like to find Partner to sponsor ourganization so that we can provide humanitarian services to the abandoned poor area and the underprivileged in Haiti

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