Honey Care Africa

(For-profit organisation)

Honey Care Africa was established in 2000 as an innovative private sector social enterprise to promote sustainable community-based beekeeping in Eastern Africa.

It was set up with an explicit triple bottom-line agenda, with an emphasis on generating economic, social and environmental values simultaneously through its activities. Its head office is in Nairobi and they have 7 collection centres across Kenya.

To date, Honey Care Africa has doubled the income of several thousands small scale farmers through its “Money for Honey” program, which trains them in commercial beekeeping.

The mission of Honey Care Africa is to assist rural small-scale farmers to earn a second income, thus lifting them above the poverty line. They also strive to enable farmers to earn a sustainable income over the long run thus positively impacting their quality of life.



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World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO); The Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa - COFTA

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