Destined Youth ( deyi ) Kenya

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Destined Youth is a youth led Non Governmental organization working in Kenyan informal settlement and rural areas. The organization focuses on economic empowerment, sustainable livelihoods promotion, HIV prevention, gender and development. They believe that if young people are empowered economically, they are able to prevent HIV, get employment, stop/end GBV and build a formidable future. Through their economic empowerment program, destined youth train young people 16-35 living in urban slums on business ideas, self employment, and linkages to employment through a course known as leadership, entrepreneurship and employ-ability skills / ready to work (RTW).

Deyi Kenya is involved in community development through economic empowerment, health education, employment creation and digital skills and agribusiness training. Because HIV/AIDS awareness creation is paramount to youth development, destined youth uses employability and agribusiness model as a way to grow young people out of poverty caused HIV in urban and rural areas.

As research indicates, unemployment among young people is as high as 80% in Kenya with majority of unemployed youth in slums and rural areas. The tailor made ready to work, Youth in Action curriculum ensure that underprivileged ladies and young men are supported economically and linked to opportunities’ that help them live a dignified life.


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