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Legal Aid for Indigenous People of Conflict Areas in Eastern Congo

Requested by

Ligue des Sacrifices Volontaires pour les Droits Humains et d'Environnement (LISVD)HE

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

With this project, LISVDHE would like to help vulnerable people like sexual violence’s and tortures victims, orphans, old people, internal war displaced, widowers, and refugees.

The problem in Congo is that with all the different conflicts, there have been a large number of human rights abuses. The victims of these are ever abandoned by the government, and the authors of all these human rights violations remain unpunished in most cases.
Abuse and lack of punishment happen because victims can’t denounce the abuses because thay can’t access justice, or because even if they tried to claim their rights, the authors would corrupt the justice.

In order to succeed in helping these people, LISVDHE needs to ensure a legal frame for the indigenous people and vulgarize different laws, national and international laws related to human rights. As to eradicate the corruption, we need to create a mechanism that is able to pronounce the truth and equitable judgments.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project is divided in three complimentary parts, which will help the cause in different ways:

1) Human Rights Defenders Training
Young human rights defenders working in Eastern Congo conflicts areas will carry on the training for indigenous people. These ones will be coming from different villages.

2) Legal Aid Program
The objective is to provide legal aid to all indigenous people, especially to rapes and tortures victims. Once legal aid is available, the judge will be able to pronounce an equitable and true judgment.
Giving everybody the access to justice, will help them in claiming their rights. Consequently, the number of human rights abuses will be reduced because the aggressors will be judged and punished.

3) Vulgarisation
The project includes the vulgarization of the different laws. Citizens will be informed of their rights, especially human rights and common themes like rape. Some of the methods will be giving gifts like t-shirts in order to vulgarize our message against rape and other human rights abuses.
Vulgarisation will help indigenous people to be aware and protect themselves against different abuses. It will help them to claim their rights and to protect other people’s rights. Finally, people will be able to denounce all abuses that have been committed on them.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

This project will be led by LISVDHE. However, we are willing to welcome any local or international organization that shares the same objective.

Partners will help LISVDHE to sensitize and spread the message to more victims and families of victims. To do greater good in the communities.

Please detail the resources that you need.

According to activities we need to manage in this project, LISVDHE is in financial need of US$49,725, that is detailed below:

EXPENSES (cost per unit * time * number)
Transport: $20 * 25 persons = $500
Food: $10 * 4 days * 25 persons = $1,000
Accommodation: $10 * 4 days * 25 persons = $1,000
Water: $5 * 4 days * 25 persons = $500
Flip chart: $25 * 2 = $50
Pens: $5 * 2 boxes = $10
Marker Pens: $5 * 5 boxes = $25
TOTAL: $3,085

EXPENSES (cost per unit * time * number)
Transport: $20 * 12 months * 144 cases/year = $2,880
Accommodation: $20 * 12 months * 144 cases/year = $2,880
Food: $20 * 12 months * 144 cases/year = $2,880
Lawyer: $200 * 12 months * 4 = $9,600
Office furniture: $2,500
Computer: $750 * 2 = $1,500
Printer: $250 * 1 = $250
Scanner: $250 * 1 = $250
Offices rents: $50 * 12 months * 6 = $3,600
Tables: $100 * 6 = $600
Chairs: $10 * 12 = $120
HRD/consultants: $100 * 12 months * 12 = $14,400
TOTAL: $41,460

EXPENSES (cost per unit * time * number)
Radio: $3/hr/4 * 12 months * 5 = $2,880
T-shirt: $5 * 300 = $1,500
Printing tshirt: $2 * 300 = $600
Transport: $100 * 2 = $200
TOTAL: $5,180


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Advocacy of global issues; Project funding

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Africa: Congo (Democratic Republic of the)

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