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Empowerment of citizens to deepen democracy in Lango region, Uganda

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Community Affairs Network (COMMANET)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

COMMANET Uganda shall work with partners to be identified from within the affected communities and the following areas shall be addressed,
1. Raise the participation of communities in the development process of their areas.
2. Build the capacities of citizens to monitor different projects that are within their communities for their own consumption.
3. Bridge the existing gaps between the elected leaders and their voters. This shall make the leaders accountable to the voters who brought them into the leadership positions instead of seeing voters as beggars and not people who determines who should deliver for them the service they require.
4. Initiating scorecards that will help rate the performance of the councilors at various local government levels.

What is your project and how will it help?

To raise the voices of the citizens in the democratic governance in Lango region through empowerment of citizens and strengthening of individual, civic organisations’ capacity and other stakeholders to demand political accountability.

Overall Objective:
To create enabling environment for the community to demand for service delivery through agreeable media which educate the community and make the elected leaders, networks and other stakeholders such as the media accountable to the grass root community.

The following six strategies have been identified which will be applied in stages;
1. Strengthening citizens civic engagement with their leaders at all levels through citizen interface with the aim of surgeries and other civic platform
2. Popularisation of the citizens manifesto as an expression of citizens aspirations in Lango region
3. Establishing a network of citizens’ civic associations for citizen manifesto agenda at grass roots
4. Capacity Building for grass roots civic manifesto promoters as drivers of citizens manifesto agenda. The educators’ constant presence also builds up the confidence of the citizens which help and facilitate them to keep the agenda on the right track and act as tools.
5. Improve their Livelihood with Agricultural projects so as to be able to support and improve the household incomes.
6. Lastly, monitoring and measurements of performance of duty holders on realisation of citizen aspirations expressed in Citizen Manifesto.

Beneficial outputs of the project:
1. All the 8 districts and Lira Municipality received civic education
2. Training and Sensitisation on Democracy, Good governance and Accountability is carried out to all active political party leaders (UPC, NRM & FDC) in Lango sub region
3. Stakeholders to participate in the Community Awareness programmes are registered and Working Community Partners (WCPs) are formed
4. Programmes for the COMMANET is produced for implementation

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Interested parties can support our cause by funding our project financially.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Budget for the First Year adds up to a total of USD 407,535.95

Deatils as follows:
1. Consultancy fees – Professional fees for programme implementation: 92,400
2. Capital Items: 45,115
3. Office equipment & Furniture: 25,068
4. Institutional Building Support – Salaries of recruited personnel: 46,664
5. 10% NSSF Contribution: 860
6. End of Service Gratuity (15% of Basic Pay): 5,704
7. Programme Administration – Office Cost: 21,780
8. Programme Administration – Implementation Cost: 10,540
9. Programme Costs – Consultancies and trainings for Institutional Building Support: 12,204
10. Establish working partnership with selected institutions through which action programmes could be channelled to large numbers of citizens in Lango Region (NGOs, CBOs, Associations, Private Intermediaries): 2,417.8
11. Training CBOs and CSOs and other stakeholders on Citizen Manifesto: 56,595
12. Citizens and Leaders interface, meeting and debates (Media Day): 15,400
13. Media and Public Education Citizens Centre: 6,814.5
14. Production of the Agenda with Various Agreed Stakeholders: 4,851
15. Developing a Citizen Manifesto Monitoring Tools – Training and support to lobby and advocacy volunteer teams on accountability governance and gender: 4,312
16. Monitoring & Evaluation: 3,272.50
17. Kulakula Management Consultant fee for project preparation (10%): 35692.58
18. Add 5% Adm. Costs: 17,846.29

For a more detailed summary of the budget, please refer to the attached document.

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