Learning Squared Liberia

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Learning squared Liberia is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered and operating in the USA and Liberia.

The organization was founded as Initiative for Democratic Alternatives (IDA) Liberia in 2016 by president Anthony S. Kolaco, and was renamed and relaunched as Learning Squared Liberia in July 2019.

The organization’s vision is a Liberia where all youth have access to an education that prepares them to succeed personally and professionally, and where all citizens are active, empowered, and engaged in collectively contributing to a vibrant democracy.

Code Belief :

1. Amplifying Community Voices: Community members have the best knowledge of what their community needs. It is critical to give them platforms to come together to discuss their priorities, and how they are being served by government.

2. Partnership and Collaboration: Through networking and collaborating with NGOs, civil society organizations, government entities, and community groups in Liberia, as well as Liberian diaspora groups and international supporters, developing long-term and collaborative relationships.

3. Maintaining the Highest Standards of Institutional Performance : committed to sound financial management, accountable and transparent governance and effective communication

Our strategy is based on community empowerment and helping people discover their human talents and potentials, identify natural resources and fully participate in making decisions and taking positive actions that will transform their lives, their communities and the country. Our organizational approach has two components, community advocacy, and community organizing.



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The Principled Academy USA SNAP-SMS USA GlobalGiving FlyPrint Global Good Communication, USA Empowerment Squared, Canada The Liberian Civil society Council Election Coordinating Committee ECC, Ministry of Education Cuttington University Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution Foundation for International Dignity (FIND) NAYMOTE YOTAN The Carter Center (through the auspices of the Bong County Office), Community Development and Research Agency (CODRA) and Buchanan Women Development Association(BAWODA)

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