Integrated Disabled Women Activities-IDIWA

Unverified non-profit organisation

IDIWA is a voluntary non-governmental, not for profit organization established in 2000 purposely to empower women and people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups to maximize their potential and improve their standard of living. This group believes that all human beings are equal, are endowed with gifts and that disability is not inability. Therefore, everyone should be given a chance to use those gifts for the wellbeing of society.

IDIWA visualizes an inclusive society in which human rights, citizenship and potential of women and people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups are respected. The goal is to improve the quality of life women and people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups in Uganda.

IDIWA has membership with many a number of networks and coalitions which promotes wider program outreach, comparative advantage and cross learning.

IDIWA has established structures from at the district and lower local government level. This enables effective mobilization, communication and implementation and followup of activities.


Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

500,000 - 1 million

Participant in relevant networks

Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group -CSBAG Uganda Media Caucus on Disability -UMCD Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda Human Rights Network Uganda Women Human Rights Defenders Network Uganda Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Network -UWEAL

Further information

About this organisation

Partnership types

Advocacy of global issues; Doing business with the poor; Standards and all (6)

Regions / countries / territories

Africa: Uganda

Global issues

Anti-corruption, illicit drugs and law enforcement; Children, youth and all (12)

Goods categories

Agriculture, aquaculture & forestry; Computer hardware & software; all (15)

Business sectors

Accounting and management services; Advocacy and legal services; Agriculture all (15)