Youth For Alliance

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The youth for alliance is a grass root community organization that was started by refugee youths back in 2014. Through the experience of living as refugee in a foreign country, these youth realized that every problem could only be solved by a solution and the idea of coming together and form an initiative was well received by the youths who created a nice working environment for each other. The youth for alliance mission is to empower, sensitize and foster the community at scalable heights. The organization hires a staff of ten youths from different nationalities, including Kenyans, who come up with new ideas and suggestions to improve the livelihoods of our community.

Main Objective : to provide business advice and support to both direct and indirect beneficiaries, support young talent and create IT centers for the community. Since established, successfully conducted program’s which have helped women and the youths improve their livelihoods. Inua mama program conducts business seminars to women and the youths and so far a total of thirty beneficiaries from the program who have put up their businesses.
A sports photography program that was meant to merge photography and football which has helped many vulnerable youths gain skills and exposure. This has been used as a medium of learning too since most of them are recovering from drugs, criminal lives and other negativities. Most of them can now produce their own videos and documentaries too and this will attract more and potential sponsors or bursaries thus improve their lives.
The mission of the youth for alliance is to kick poverty out of Africa.

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Less than 500,000

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Project funding; Provision of goods

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Anti-corruption, illicit drugs and law enforcement; Children, youth and family welfare; all (4)