Tanzania Antischools' Dropout Educational Orgarnization (TADEO)

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Tanzania Antischool’s Dropout Educational Organizaion (TADEO), REG No:ooNGO/00006744
is an NGO that aims to facilitate self-help and to provide assistance with education and training, advocacy, and other support to vulnerable people in including widows, young people, street children, orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS. The mission is educating the general public in Mbeya region and in Tanzania as a whole, on constitutional rights for social and economical advancement.

To see a Tanzanian community becoming aware and capable of preventing, reducing and solving the problem of schools’ Dropout, and enabling the Tanzanian children to get the right of education, by taking back to school or provide education, to those who missed this opportunity caused either by direct or indirect reasons/problems.
TADEO will work to enable and make sure the community and children in particular, is getting the right of education,and is capable of using that education to influence policy making and effective implementation, stimulate educational dialogues and social changes, conduct researches, policy analysis and advocacy, collaborate with other partners, donors, and education stakeholders to advance participation, transparancy, accountabilty, social justice and human rights, facilitating linkages and networking, and enabling a culture of ongoing training to the community.
To reduce and prevent the number of children who are not getting the right of education, eradicate the problem of school dropout, as well as solving the current situation and problems by taking back to school and provide education to those children, as well as the community who missed this basic right of education

To make sure those children taking back to school are provided with better education which can enable them to sustain their current and future social economical life. To collaborate and cooperate with the Government, parents, Guardians, Community in general, Institutions and Organizations, Donors and other Stakeholders in tackling and solving the problem of SCHOOL DROPOUT which is caused by either direct or indirect reasons or problems especially on the sectors of Education and Environment, Health, Malaria, Aids and HIV, Orphanage, Sexual and Gender education, People Living with Disabilities (PLWD), Drugs abuses, Childhood Pregnancy and Childhood Marriage, Childhood Labour, Street Children, and Human Rights and Justice organizations.



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