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GVA provides long-term sustainable solutions to problems in rural Africa which are mainly caused by poverty.

GVA Foundation – Africa designs and conducts programs which contribute to the welfare and social productivity of disadvantaged individuals and communities with an emphasis on children and youth.

The Foundation addresses some of the most pervasive problems in rural Africa, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, hunger, education, poverty, access to clean drinking water, and orphaned children. In addition, they focus on empowering the youth of Africa through leadership and skills training.

GVA Foundation- Africa reaches out for the furthest and abandoned communities in rural areas of Africa including the exotic Islands. By educating the residents on diseases awareness & prevention, and fostering the creation of self sustaining projects run by the local community, GFA aims to achieve this vision.

Focus on Sustainable Development

The Foundation’s strategy focuses on change within the community. They do this in three ways.

1. Investing capital in infrastructure and resources in schools and agricultural projects.

2.Promoting small business development through micro-loans, and

3. Building the skills and knowledge of the individuals.



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