Saraman builds earthquake- proof houses in Iran

Saraman, a start-up company in Isfahan, central Iran, is an example of addressing housing and construction challenges in a profitable way. The company designs, fabricates and erects affordable, earthquake-proof pre-fabricated steel structures for houses, schools and hospitals.

Saraman started its activity by investing in human capital and know-how development, primarily by offering training to young graduates. Providing summer-schools, onsite training and establishing joint educational programs with the German institutions was a fruitful way to maintain a continuous supply of local skilled work force who have both the know-how and understanding of local conditions. The funding from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) eased the financial burden of the training process.

Through collaboration between German and Iranian universities, and support provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), as well as engineering companies and a local investor, state of the art technology was adapted to reduce cost and time of earthquake-proof construction, using environmentally-friendly local material. In addition, special training is provided to facilitate exchange of know-how and develop employment opportunities for young graduates who later implement the practice in Iran. New construction projects also create jobs for less-skilled workers.

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