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Funds for training persons with disabilities on pumpkins farming in greenhouse to provide food security, Kenya

Requested by

Crocodile Friends for Justice

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

County Research Opportunities Certicfication On Disabilities Initiative Life Empowerment refers as CROCODILE Friends for justice is a community based organization formed by disabled persons who were attacked by crocodile in Lake Victoria in Kenya. We advocate for disabilities rights and food security to alleviate poverty, the project is implemented within Homa-bay County, in Asego Division, Township Location, Sub-Location Asego, Sofia Village.

The project supports:
(A) 50 Malnourished disabled orphans vulnerable children
(B) 30 Pregnant and lactating mother with disabilities with HIV/AIDS
© 30 Disabled persons under dietary deficiency, hunger and starvation
(D) Protecting and caring 10 disabled children to further their education
(E) Providing training and capacity building on food security to 500 people in
the comunity

Issues addressed:
1) Food insecurity
2) Infectious diseases, dietary deficiency. Disabled vulnerable are less able to cope starvation and hunger resulting into additional diseases burden and weaken the body system
3) Lack of training on food access, food availability, and food use to improve and increase livelihood options and household income for disabled persons
4) Unlimited resources to provide effective income generating activities and economic empowerment programme
5) The project provide training on environmental conservation through pumpkins farming across the contour farming

What is your project and how will it help?

We advocate on modern method of farming in greenhouse technology to provide food security to reduce pandemic poverty, hunger and starvation. On the other hand we do provide training, mobilization, sensitization on income generating activities through pumpkins farming.

The project has 1 acres of land for project implementation, on the other hand community has also donated another extra 0.5 acres of land for project demonstration farm.

The project do train persons with disabilities on food security, food access, food availability and food use.
The project also provide training to pregnant and lactating disabled mothers on modern methods to enhance good nutrition intake to improve babies health benefits, reducing stunted growth and death rate cause as a result of dietary deficiency.

The conceptual needs of pumpkins on food supplement and value addition
pumpkins provide recipes made from their simplistic steamed pumpkins being eaten as a healthy alternative to a sugary snack. Their orange flesh can be mashed with beans, rice, peas and maize to improve values and taste.
Most of their parts may be ingested in their various form and for their wide array of benefits, they provide oil from their seeds to be sprinkled onto a variety of meals including breakfast and main meal.
Their orange flesh are grounded to form nutritious pumpkins flour for porridge making, cake, bread, mandazis, chappatis. Their orange flesh provide delicicious crisps and chips making, their flower petals are added to brighten up salad, and garnishing other dishes.
They provide soft leaves (vegetables) alternative to sukuma wiki, they are being mixed with other vegetables to improve their taste, values and nutrients, they are also being dried and grounded to form powered form vegetables to be used during droughty periods.

•a protein boost – they supply a well balanced form of all the essential amino acids which are very nourishing,
•iron and phosphorus: promote healthy blood development and efficient nerve and mental activity
•zinc – help in the healing and maintenance of tissues, enhancing the immune system.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

The project is highly in need to partner with organization whom they can work with to meet both their objectives and goals.
The project should adopt policy and memorandum of understanding on how the activities will be implemented to achieve the desired objectives.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Total 51,162 USD, please refer to the budget attached.

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