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Help flood affected families in Sialkot, Pakistan

Requested by

Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization Sialkot Pakistan is trying to help the flood affected people due to recent monsoon rains caused serious damage to the people. It is necessary to mention that the recent monsoon rain have caused serious damage to the villagers living near the river bank, as the water destroyed standing rice crops, boundary walls of the houses are fallen and in some cases complete houses collapsed, livestock being killed, all the belonging of the people were lost and washed away with flood waters, livelihood activities were also finished which made the lives of the people miserable and in complete danger. It is further informed that when villagers were sleeping at night, water flooded their villages and homes which forced all of the villagers to leave their homes and run to a safe place in order to protect them from various life threatening elements.

What is your project and how will it help?

Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization Sialkot Pakistan like to address issues of flood affected on urgent and emergency basis by providing them food items, non food items, cloths, medicines and medical care to the sick, children, older people, women and pregnant young mothers. There is an urgent need of food items, like, flour, cooking oil, rice, sugar, spices, supply of clean drinking water, non food items requires cloths, shelter, warm cloths, bed sheets, and for medical help they all require doctor support so that people suffering with various serious problems could get treatment and medication.

Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization Sialkot Pakistan main purpose of the project is to help, assist, develop and reestablish the livelihood activities of the flood affected families badly affected by rain and inundated water in their villages damaging all their belongings.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We are confident that other people can donate financially, work as volunteers, promoters of our need and can raise funds for our relief work for the flood affected families in the district of Sialkot.

We are further hopeful that people can personally donate items of food, cloths, medicines, and even moral support to the poor villagers badly affected by water floods.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Rose Human Rights Welfare Organization requires the following resources for the support of flood affected families;

US$ 1,000 for food items
US$ 1,000 for non food items
US$ 1,000 for Cloths and Supply of Clean Drinking Water
US$ 1,000 for Medical, Medicines and Medical Care of flood affected females of all categories, age group, including sick children, older people and especially pregnant young mothers.
US$ 1,000 for Reestablishment of Livelihood Activities of flood affected families

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Asia: Pakistan

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Food security and nutrition; Water and related ecosystems




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