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Minimize illiteracy in Sierra Leone

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Christian Outreach Justice Mission Sierra Leone (Comin - SL) Verified non-profit organisation

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We are concern with helping disadvantaged groups and people including women, children, youths, disabled persons, adults and the aged. We are aimed at providing care and services for the children in relation to their development and education to give them hope and assured future.
We engage the adults together with youths and women in various kinds of agricultural activities for food security purpose. Humanitarian or relief services to people in disadvantaged circumstances and needy institutions in post conflict Sierra Leone.
We are therefore trying to address education, health, training, agriculture, sports and recreation among the people and communities that we serve in Sierra Leone.

What is your project and how will it help?

Minimize the illiteracy rate among Sierra Leone population especially in the targeted communities. TARGET GROUP: 100 vulnerable children in identified primary schools especially the girl child in Korie and Dasse chiefdoms, Moyamba District in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. These districts comprises of many chiefdoms among which Korie and Dasse chiefdoms had been selected to be used as pilot communities for this project.
Korie and Dasse chiefdoms with headquarters being Taima and Mano respectively are about 112 and 120 miles from the capital city of Sierra Leone, Freetown and have a lot of potentials that needed to be developed. They are hidden and difficult to be traced due to the illiteracy rate of these chiefdoms.
The chiefdoms have primary schools existing in most of the villages and section towns. There is lots of school age children who are out of school due to lack of support. Parents on the other hand are more subsistent farmers who cannot afford supporting education for their children owing to poverty.
From a survey carried out by COMIN SL in 2012 the result of this situation showed a lot of early school leavers, early marriages, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, prostitution and increase in crime rates. These crimes range from rape, domestics violence, sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) burglary etc.
It has been recommended that if children who are the future leaders are cared for in their childhood stage, future occurrences will be minimized. It is based on this that COMIN SL has developed this project. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES:
1. To award scholarships in the form of learning materials, uniforms and cash to indentified vulnerable children.
2. To reduce the existence of street children in the various communities.
3. To assist poor parents in the education of their community children.
4. To reduce illiteracy rate in the targeted communities especially and Sierra Leone in general.
5. To reduce drug abuse among children and youths.
6. To create the capacity as to how HIV/AIDS could be minimized.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Other people will partner with us through fundraising efforts, volunteer programs, humanitarian assistance, technical assistance with training opportunities, logistical support like computers, cameras, laptops,desk tops, and mobility as vehicles, bikes etc. We would as well need other people including the donors to join us in the monitoring and evaluation process of our projects on the ground.
The community people and the school authorities would partner with us in the identification, planning and monitoring of programmes and projects for to fully participatory and hence successfully done.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Project Summary
01 Purchase of Material 26,500,000 Leones
02 School charges 5,000,000 Leones
03 Payment of Lunch 5,000,000 Leones
04 Distribution of Materials 800,000 Leones
05 Quarterly Visits 2,400,000 Leones
06 Report Writing 600,000 Leones
SUB TOTAL 40,300,000 Leones
07 10% Contingency 4,030,000 Leones
GRAND TOTAL 44,330,000 Leones
Amount in words= Forty Million, three hundred thousand Leones.
US Dollar Equivalent = 10,479.91

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Africa: Sierra Leone

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Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry; Children, youth and family welfare; all (15)


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    07 May 2015 02:22 GMT

    Green Africa
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Emerson John Probst says: Hello - I have 3 volunteers in the US. We're very small, but have a goal to raise funds for transportation. Initially I thought for rural access, since I was working with a friend (Martin Kailie)in Sierra Leone and supporting his efforts. I am now working with his brother who wants to start a bus service (vans etc) for student transport. You have "transportation" as one of your needs for both village youth access and school transportation. I was hoping I could target fundraising to your efforts - on even a small level - then build up as I work to get nonprofit status and can solicit grants. If you have interest, please let me know. My LinkedIn online bio can be found easily under my full name for background details. Thank you - Emerson