Nyenga Foundation (Nyenga Childrens Home)

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Nyenga foundation is a non-government organisation established in 2009 and is under the directorship of a Nowegian Board of Directors. It is located in Buikwe District, Njeru municipality, Nyenga division. The foundation works to promote sustainable growth through empowering individuals, families
and communities and their work is mainly with the community of Kabizzi and its surrounding areas which include Wankwale, Kamuli, Ssunga, Kamunina, and Mawangala.

The Foundation comprises of a primary school with 243 pupils that offers quality education to the community at subsidized fees, a Health Centre III that offers health services to the community at reduced charges, a children’s home with 23 children, a fish farm and a farm with a variety of crops and animals. There is also a youth program that supports talented vulnerable youth from the community who would be prepared for adulthood through relevant exposure, mentorship and vocational training sponsorship.

The foundation has four bearing goals:
• Very vulnerable children will be given a new home at Nyenga children´s home.
• Through education and professional experience, the children should one day stand on their own feet and create a future for themselves – and future generations.
• Nyenga children´s home is built and operated in cooperation with the local community, to contribute to local development, and the creation of new jobs in the local community.
• Nyenga Foundation, in collaboration with Nyenga children´s home, will show positive aspects of Africa, create engagement and contribute to cultural understanding between Uganda and Norway.



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