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Intercontinental Christian Academy (ICA) is a school located in the village of Umuode in Osisioma Ngwa LGA, Aba, Abia State south east Nigeria. The school started on 23 September 2010 and was born out of the Intercontinental Christian Centre (ICC), which was established in 2008. Both have one aim in common, which is to bring hope to the hopeless. Previously, in Umuode village, most children did not go to school. There was no public school nearby and the few private schools near the village were very expensive, so most parents could not afford to send their kids there. ICA was started to meet this need, and began with 23 kids and two teachers.

The fees at ICA are cheaper than that of public school to help ensure the maximum number of children can benefit and receive an education. The school provides a holistic education and is committed to tackle one of the nation’s biggest problems, corruption, and also educates the students on the dangers of smoking, drugs, HIV/AIDS and STD’s. Vocational training is also provided to help the students have an understanding of hard work.

Due to the excellence of education and the moral standards exemplified in the school, most parents in the village now send their children to ICA. The school currently has 37 full time staff and a total of 580 students in kindergarten, primary and high school grades. It is committed to bringing a long lasting change in a long abandoned village in Aba, Abia State.

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