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Emergency Food Security Project for Flood Affected People of 2013 Floods in Balochistan, Pakistan

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Youth in Action Balochistan

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The monsoon rains are a regular seasonal weather activity throughout the region which is active normally from July to September in Pakistan. However, with its increased intensity and poor coping tendency of the country, it also brings misery to the people of the prone districts of the country. The sixth spell of the 2013 monsoon rains is currently underway in various parts of the country, creating emergency situations in harder-hit areas. The torrential rains played havoc in Jhal Magsi, Hub, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, Sibi, Turbat, and Bolan districts of Balochistan Province. 50,239 people are affected by the floods so far. A number of villages in the affected districts have been submerged destroying houses, roads, infrastructure, and crops. Thousands of individuals are reported to have been rendered homeless in the affected districts. The affected people need immediate response for food security intervention.

What is your project and how will it help?

The proposed project will provide assistance 12613 beneficiaries/ 1801 families, within 4 flood affected union council of Tehsil Gandawa namely Gandawa, Khari, Patri and Mirpur, who are affected by the floods and facing diffulties to cope with the tough situation. The proposed union councils have been selected and identified by Youth in Action field team. The beneficiaries in the targeted outreach need urgent food security interventions.

Numbers of Families/individuals:
12613 beneficiaries / 1801 families (Men (4567) Women (5433), boys (6123) girls (3877)

Assistance targets are priority individuals/ groups with specific needs and socially marginalized people, such as but not limited to:
• Families with a high number of small children or dependents; families that include elderly and persons with disabilities; families that take care of separated children
• Female-headed households,
• Widows and women with no male/ community support
• Child-headed household
• Landless persons
• Religious or ethnic minorities and other groups at risk of exclusion (e.g. transgender)
• Older persons (>60), especially if with no family or community support
• Persons with disabilities
• Persons with chronic diseases or serious medical conditions,
• Illiterate and chronically poor persons (for instance income under 6,000 PKR per month and no livestock). The vulnerability/poverty shall be connected to the crisis.
• Possession of CNIC will not be a condition to provide the assistance.

Activity 1 Hiring of project staff and orientation
Activity 2 Baseline Assessment of the targeted area
Activity 3 Identification and selection of villages and beneficiaries
Activity 4 Formation of committees at each village
Activity 5 Procurement of Items
Activity 6 Distribution of Tokens
Activity 7 Distribution of 1801 food items packages

How can other people partner with you on your project?

The proposed project has been planned and coordinated with food security cluster lead. This approach was adapted to mitigate duplication of efforts and achieve effective implementation. The proposed activities will complement the on-going food security interventions by various humanitarian organisations. Regular updates will be shared with food security cluster and relevant coordinating bodies. We will keep a close liaison with the cluster at various levels throughout; to ensure that no duplication of activities take place. At the onset of the project we will coordinate our activities with concerned government departments, beneficiaries and UN clusters to ensure that activities are not overlapping and to find alternative solutions where overlapping does occur.

Please detail the resources that you need.

A. Project Inputs:
In this section we procure food ration packages for 1801 families the full package is consist of (wheat 80kg, 2 tin of oil 4.5 liters, pulses 8kg, sugar 5 kg, black tea ½ kg and salt 1kg) with packing and branding services charges.
The total amount requested for this is USD 200,000

B. Staff Cost:
In this section we provide salaries for 2.5 months period to 1 project manager, 6 social organizers/distribution officers and 1 data entry officer in which YIAB will share USD 1,395 and fund requested from Donor is USD 5,587.
The total amount of staff cost is USD 6,983

C. Operational Cost:
In this section organization will charge communication and office supplies while the rent of office will share with their own resources. The share of YIAB is USD 500 and fund requested from Donor is USD 375.
The total amount for this activity is USD 875.

D. Transport and Storage Cost:
In this section organization will charge the rent of 2 vehicles for field with mantainance and POL charges the total amount requested from ERF is USD 3,513.

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