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Sanitary pads for school girls in Kenya

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Safe World Enterprises

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The objective of the project is to provide sanitary pads to the marginalized girls and educate them on sexual and reproductive rights.

Provision of sanitary pads will empower them, enhance their dreams, and eventually helps in economic development. The project also aims at training and protecting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and adolescent girls by keeping them in school.

A research carried out in most African countries shows increased school dropouts among the girls in rural areas linked to reproductive health issues. A recent research in Kenya indicated that more than 1,039,000 school girls were missing classes at least 4 days in a month. It is estimated that vulnerable girls skip classes for 39 days in a year during their menstrual cycle, a situation that puts them at a disadvantaged position with their male counterparts. If not missing school, the girl is forced to use inappropriate and unhygienic materials that do not offer sufficient protection, putting her at risk of contracting infections and being the subject of ridicule.

What is your project and how will it help?

Safe World project is to donate sanitary towels to the disadvantaged poor women as well as educate them on healthy and productive living. The beneficiaries will be entitled to a full year sanitary pads donations while following up on their hygienic living.

A sustainable project to boost the lives of poor women and especially adolescents by providing sanitary napkins is set to begin. During the first phase, the project will focus on sponsoring 1,000 girls education by keeping them in school through providing free sanitary pads and educating them on proper hygiene, sexual and reproductive health living.

The target group of girls belong to a certain community but within different public institutions and therefore easy to organize and to plan.

It is expected that through provision of sanitary pads to the girls that it will be possible to have a direct and positive effect on the well being of the community.

In order to assess the impact of this project, periodic evaluations will be conducted to assess the value of the project on:
• The improvement of the well being of women in the community
• The level of education of girls as compared to their male counterparts
• Helping the volunteers become effective educators and/or mentors

How can other people partner with you on your project?

In this project, we look forward to participation at whatever capacity anyone can to enable us achieve this goal.

In this regard, we are looking for volunteers, donors, professionals.

1. The Volunteers will participate by participating in the actual field distribution of the sanitary pads. Each volunteer will also be expected to directly interact with at least one girl and effectively teach them on proper hygiene, sexuality and reproductive fundamental rights.

2. The Donors will participate by helping us raise enough resources that will enable us hire project staff, overseeing project development and operation,
establishing and maintaining links with local government agencies, and budget for material grants.

NB:We would appeal to our donors to fund the project in terms of financial resources as we deal with sanitary pads and we would like to reach out the girls with our products. The product is attached on the image portal.

3. The professionals will participate in their various level of skills and expertise. We believe that its through professionals that we can develop working relationships with formal and informal leaders.

Please detail the resources that you need.

100,000 Kshs = 1,200 USD

Staff and volunteer token – Kshs 600,000
Coordination workshop – Kshs 320,000
Training sessions (Whole year on quarterly basis) – Kshs 360,000
Fund (hygienic Sanitary pads for a whole year)- Kshs 1,800,000
Booklets on proper hygiene – Kshs 200,000
Distribution Van – Kshs 1,200,000

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Africa: Kenya

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Kenya; Sudan


  • Commented
    19 Sep 2013 03:59 GMT

    maina ngetha
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Maina Ngetha says: I am available to be part of this noble course

  • Contact details exchanged
    09 May 2014 03:42 GMT

    JustGoGirl, LLC
    (For-profit organisation)

    Brooke Solis says: Please email me to discuss this project. We would like to parter with you.

  • Contact details exchanged
    29 May 2014 10:04 GMT

    Buy Me Brunch
    (For-profit organisation)

    Jacy Ceccarelli says: Hello. I am interested in donating to your project. I am visiting Kenya in September and would love to meet you, view your project, visit your community and then donate. Is this something that would be possible. Thank you!

  • Commented
    03 Jan 2015 09:15 GMT

    Miss World Kenya Kilifi County
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Nasrina Faris says: Hello,
    I have a similar program in kilifi county and I would like to partner with you to help supply sanitary towels to primary school children. I have a program where we education teenagers on effects of STD's, unsafe abortion, use of contraceptive, sexual education and reproductive health, also distribution of sanitary towels. The main aim is to reduce the number of school dropouts due to teenage pregnancy. kilifi county is experiencing problems related to adolescent pregnancies. I would really appreciate your feedback.

    Thank you.

  • Commented
    05 Jan 2015 01:33 GMT

    Safe World Enterprises
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Isaac Mubia says: Hi Nasrina Faris,
    Thank you very much for your interest in partnering with us in supplying sanitary pads to primary school girls in Kilifi county. I'm delighted to read what you are doing in your county in empowering school girls and empowering their life positively.
    As an organization, we are pleased to see people make difference in their society and especially in helping the under privileged children. It will be our pleasure to partner with you in achieving your objective of ensuring every school girl doesn't miss school due to lack of sanitary. We would be pleased to know the number of girls you are targeting to reach through our mail box; I would appreciate to read from you.

    Safeworld Enterprises.