Global Commons Alliance

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Ours is a fragmented world: one of great need and great resources, but one where surprisingly few find it easy to connect.

To help make these connections, a number of organisations have come together to form the Global Commons Alliance (GCA). GCA members are connectors – linking those in need of assistance with those who can provide it.

With the advent of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, there is greater interest than ever in public-private partnerships (PPPs): those that bring together companies, NGOs, IGOs and others who are committed to addressing global need.

Ironically, however, potential partners often have great difficulty connecting. As a result, many requests for help and many partnership offers go unanswered. A sampling of NGOs have reported they routinely decline 95% of corporate offerings because these do not meet the needs of their constituencies.

We formed the Global Commons Alliance (GCA) because we are concerned about lost opportunities in a world where great need persists and available resources often go to waste.

We decided to collaborate in this Alliance because, while we know competition can be a healthy force in many areas of life, it has no place in the battle against world need. Members of the GCA have chosen to cooperate in an open, non-competitive manner that supports the organisational mission of its respective members while at the same time, reducing costly and unnecessary duplication of services.

The Global Commons Alliance concept is quite simple. When an offer of partnership doesn’t match the needs of a GCA member it can use the Global Commons Alliance to put the offer before a broader online audience and maximize the chance of connecting available resources to existing needs. Through this exchange process the GCA network harnesses the power of technology in the fight against global poverty and suffering.

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