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The BELIEVERS MISSIONS (BM) is committed to create lasting wholistic change among the poor. Since its founding in 2016, they have shared the light of the Gospel among the needy through development work centered on Jesus Christ. Working in the context of the Scripture and guided by the Holy Spirit, the missions seek to change lives, strengthen families, empower communities and transform the nation.

The missions is located at potential Sites adjacent or bordering the famous natural game reserves and national parks of Tanzania such as Ngorongoro National Park, Serengeti, and Arusha national parks, which are suitable for income generation and help others.

BM has a desire to facilitating short-term trips for Missionaries from around the world. Tourists will spend the first day traveling to Dar Es Salaam or Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania Republic, or to Arusha, the tourist center for world largest, peculiar and natural parks.
Establish Campsites; Indian Ocean beach, Serenget National Park, Arusha National Park, Mikumi National Park. This will be possible through Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that works with Believers Missions

At Believers Missions, the team strives to work together with farmers to improve the quality of their products and connect them to the market. The team aims to develop and sell the products that will always be loved by ordinary individuals, not necessarily because they are fairly traded but also because of their unforgettable good tastes and reinvest the profits generated to provide comprehensive solutions to eradicate poverty from the world. Lives of poor smallholder farmers are improved through various Agricultural services. The project also involves Collecting and Processing Roasted Cocoa beans, Arabic Coffee, Roasted and Chilled Cashew Nuts. Believers Missions has already acquired a processing machine, needed partners for branding, packaging and marketing the products.


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