Path of Joy Nursery & Primary School

(For-profit organisation)

Path of Joy Nursery & Primary School is a school licensed by the ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda. The school is the only community school in the village of Sipi, located around Sipi waterfalls in Kapchorwa District, Eastern Uganda.

The School is for profit but the biggest percentage is charity with the aim to see the young generation find quality education at affordable fees and dedicated to developing human potential and expanding educational opportunity for the underprivileged.

There are currently 450 children and 15 staff and 16 members of the school management committee board.

The school is committed to facilitating access to education that transforms lives and communities and that which produces the homegrown expertise needed to provide services and lift communities out of poverty.

The school’s approach to working with a community is comprehensive, addressing the needs of the whole community, integrative, addressing multiple needs of a community through one platform, and self-sustaining, generating local resource to enable self funding of services.

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