Humanterian Help Africa

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Humanterian Help Africa was founded and registered as a non-profit Christian, Community Based Organization in Uganda in 2016. It was established with a mandate to help and support the disadvantaged children, sustain livelihoods, education and human rights for the most vulnerable members of the community. The vulnerable children are orphaned, abducted children, neglected, school dropoutsyouth, abandoned or simply living in acute poverty and are frequently affected by the ravages of HIV/AIDS.

Issues facing children in Uganda
• Malaria respiratory infections and diarrhea are the main causes of under 5 mortality.
• Approximately 90,000 babies are infected by HIV annually through mother to child transmission.
• Nearly half of the estimated 2 million orphans are orphaned due to AIDS with the total expected to rise to 4.5 million by 2019.
• Children and women comprise 80 percent of the 1.4 million people forced to flee their homes due to conflict and land slides. They live in more than 200 camps with very limited services.
• The LRA abducted more than 25,000 children since 1986-2011.

To empower the vulnerable community, Humanterian Help Africa works on the following focal areas :

1. Reducing the impact of illiteracy, poverty and HIV/AIDS in Teso
2. To enhance access to education for disadvantaged children and youth.
3. To contribute to improved healthstandards for children and youth.
4. To build these children’s self-esteem and give them life skills for a better living.
5. Ensuring right to education to deprived urban children.

This NGO can benefit from friends who will give in their money, materials / items and many volunteers who will visit the organization and give their time, money and support, and also benefit from fundraising by Children’s Choir, grants and donations from churches, schools, sponsors and other organizations.

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Uganda: Floods - May 2013; Uganda: Cholera Outbreak - May 2013; East Africa Crisis