Hequeendo Compassionate Friends Community Based Organization

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Hequeendo Compassionate Friends is a community based organization that was established and registered under the law of Kenya, with thirty members who are HIV/AIDs positive. The organization was formed after experiencing lose of beloved husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends due to HIV/AIDS.

The organization’s vision is to be the entrepreneurs who transforms the lives of the vulnerable in the society, with a MISSION of being a leading organization in fighting for and supporting the vulnerable in the society through lobbing and advocacy, capacity building, income generation and environmental sustainability. The organization has a team that manages it’s vision as well as the mission. The team consists of Board members, director, secriterity, accountant and coordinators of several projects. The staff is highly skilled and experienced and have managed several number of the projects. The organization is taking care and support to 2,272 Orphans and vulnerable children and also 1701 house holds with people living with HIV/AIDS in Bungoma county, western Kenya. The members are feeling that a more concerted effort is needed to help the community deal with the challenges. An extended project approach has been proposed. It will stimulate community based activities to address the issues. For such a project more resources is needed which cannot be raised by members. Extra resources are therefore welcomed.

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1 million - 100 million

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National Aids Control Council Amref Maanisha President Emergence Plan for Aids Relief Aphia Plus ( USAID ) Send a Cow Kenya

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