How will my offers be safeguarded by the Global Hand process?

Global Hand safeguards your offers in several ways.

  • We put NGOs through a rigorous set of requirements before they are eligible to exchange contact details with you.
    • Groups who have not completed the verification process can comment on an offer but cannot access contact information associated with it. Such groups are clearly labeled on the website.
  • We require a reference from another Global Hand verified organisation in order to validate their operation. Should problems occur, the referee is then called upon to account for its recommendation and the NGO’s performance.
  • You can contractually agree that the recipient will provide you a report re use and application of your offer.
  • Our far-flung network can provide “eyes and ears” on the ground to chase up difficulties and to provide accountability.
  • We have ongoing commitment to the development of Standards that all accredited non-profit organisations are required to comply with.
  • Users can feed back to our office regarding their experience of interaction with other users of Global Hand. Procedures are in place for following up credible negative reports.