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HOPE International Development Agency - Cambodia


The HOPE International Development Agency is a non-profit international development organisation working in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Headquartered in New Westminster, Canada, the Agency's projects are focused on the development of drinkable water sources, sustainable living, basic health and...

AGRHYMET Regional Centre


AGRHYMET Regional Centre is a regional institute specialising in the science and techniques applied to agricultural development, rural development and natural resource management. AGRHYMET provides training and information to development stakeholders and partners in agro-ecology. The organisation...

Jiamusi Training Centre for Women and Children


The Jiamusi Training Centre for Women and Children is a Chinese organisation in Heilongjiang province that promotes the development of women and children. The organisation is currently running three projects: training for women to promote their cultural and technological levels, education for...

Conservation Through Research, Education and Action (CREA)


Conservation Through Research, Education and Action (CREA) strives to conserve tropical rain forests through the building of sustainable livelihood for the rural poor, using the principles of science, education and community participation.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA) - Denmark


ADRA Denmark is an independent international humanitarian organisation that has been working with relief and development since 1987. ADRA Denmark fights social inequality and deprivation for all people regardless of race, gender, religion in the areas of health, food security, education and...

World Bank - Mongolia


The World Bank is one of the world's largest sources of development assistance. It is a development Bank which provides loans, policy advice, technical assistance and knowledge sharing services to low and middle income countries to reduce poverty. The Bank promotes growth to create jobs and to...

Congrégation des Soeurs Maronites de la Sainte Famille


The Congregation of the Maronite sisters of the Holy Family is a religious Apostolic Congregation founded in 1895. The Congregation provides educational, social and cultural activities around Lebanon.

SOS Children's Villages - Niger


SOS Children's Villages is an international social development NGO active in the field of children's rights and concerns in 132 countries worldwide. Children's Villages provide long-term family centred care for vulnerable children. The first Children's Village in Niger was built in 1991, providing...

Action Aid - Brazil


Action Aid is an international NGO founded in the UK in 1972 to promote quality education and local services in the developing world. Today, the organisation works in 50 countries world-wide. Action Aid has been working in community development with local partners in Brazil since 1999. Current...

Coordenadoria Ecumenico de Servico (CESE)


CESE is a philanthropic ecumenical organsation working with grass roots organisations throughout Brazil to strengthen social justice. CESE provides seed funding to community organisations to enable them to develop projects focusing on human rights, economic development, public health, education and...