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Rescue Widows, Elderly, Youth and Orphans With Aids (RWEYOWA)


Rescue Widows, Elderly, Youth and Orphans With Aids (RWEYOWA) operates in Wakiso District of Uganda to curb the further spread of HIV/AIDS and improving the livelihood of those affected/infected with HIV/AIDS in the community.

Immanuel Community Christian Ministries


Immanuel Community Christian Ministries, part of International Needs, provides local social and economic community projects.

Community Child Care Co-operative


Community Child Care Co-operative assists in the process of building and maintaining a strong children’s services sector in NSW by providing resources, support and skill development opportunities for children’s services providers. The Co-operative also aims to positively influence government...



Paraclete is a non-profit faith-based organisation dedicated to assisting other organisations in helping people in difficult to access areas of the world. Services offered include team building, counselling, cross-cultural training, conflict resolution, technological development and...



visionSynergy is a non-profit leadership development organisation committed to advancing collaboration in Christian ministry around the world by developing collaborative leaders. The organisation's objectives are threefold: to educate ministry leaders to increase their collaborative capacity...

Asmita Samajik Sanstha


Asmita Samajik Sanstha is an India based non-government organisation which works to provide sustainable livelihood training for the deprived people of the rural and forest area. It also conducts socio-economic study for the betterment of the deprived people. Its work is also related to blood safety...

Murera AIDS Prevention and Support Group


Murera AIDS Prevention and Support Group focuses mostly on education, prevention and the support of those affected/infected by the disease, creating a sound and pro-active atmosphere which aims at helping the community in understanding those people who have been infected by HIV/aids. At the same...

HOPE Family Centre


HOPE Family Centre is a member of the National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations in UK. The centre works for the development of children and families and provides care, support and education.

Reservoirs of Compassion (RECO)


Reservoirs of Compassion (RECO) is a Christian non-governmental organisation based in Kampala, Uganda. Organisational activities are broad in focus, and include community development (such as through micro-enterprise initiatives), assisting HIV/AIDS victims, running adult literacy programmes,...

Central Asian Partners


Central Asian Partners is involved in a wide variety of projects from rural village medical clinics and maternal health projects, to providing visiting professors to teach university seminars, as well as locating and shipping equipment and supplies needed by field personnel.