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Provision of food, clean water, classroom construction and teachers' salaries in Uganda


COBIC-R wants to help children from the Bwera Junior School in Uganda which is in deplorable conditions. Bwera Junior School is located in Mpondwe Lhburiha town council in Uganda near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. A number of refugees have been arriving to Uganda from Congo...

Logos Ministries - River of Life Orphanage


Logos Ministries has established medical camps, youth job training centres, orphanages, and remote mobile clinics in India since 1999. The River of Life Orphanage was established in January 2005 in a tsunami affected area as a response to this disaster. The home will care for 30 children, 13 girls...

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Funds for Elderly Support Project in Rural Uganda


The aim of Uganda Rural Elderly Support (UGRES) is to improve the quality of life of the elderly and their dependents. The rural elderly people in need vary from those staying alone with no relatives to those with orphans and grandchildren. The elderly in rural areas rely on hand work till...

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Provision of better educational facilities for poor rural schools in Zimbabwe


I am trying to help children from poor rural schools in Zimbabwe who need proper facilities to carry out a successful education. The issue is that many children in Zimbabwe have classes under a tree or in dilapidated rural primary school with little school equipment and teaching resources. They...

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Identity Papers and Citizenship for stateless and abandoned Romanian Children


We are trying to help abandoned children and young families in Bucharest, Romania who have no papers, are not registered with the government, and are not considered citizens. The context is: Currently there are 2,000+ of these young people were left to fend for themselves after the fall of the...

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Housing/Accomodation for the Underprivileged in Mabonji, Cameroon


The Peter Ambe Memorial Helping Hand Association (PAMHHA) is an NGO based in Sweden, with another office in Cameroon, is dedicated to helping those who are less privileged in Cameroon. PAMHHA offer assistance to individuals or groups of people who for one reason or another find it practically...

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Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancies and STDs in Zambia


As a youth led youth focused organisation, we are concerned with the increase in percentage of adolescent especially girls practicing behaviors that continue to increase their risk of HIV infection. Our report shows that there are wide misconceptions on pregnancy, with 47.7% of male youths...

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Networking, Financial and Informational support for Awareness campaign about Urban Migration in Zimbabwe


Chiyubunuzyo Arts & Culture Promotion (CACP) wants to help the community in Gokwe North Rural District in Zimbabwe. The target groups to benefit are the artists, women, youth, disadvantaged people and management committee members who will manage and implement our programs. Gokwe North Rural...

Depaul Trust


Depaul Trust operates shelters and offers programmes for homeless people, prisoners, families in difficulties, and those with drug and alcohol difficulties.

Rotary Club - Bhusawal


Rotary Club - Bhusawal operates two Rotaract clubs, two senior citizen clubs, five interact clubs and a blood bank with a component-separation laboratory. The Club expects to establish an eye bank with a processing center.