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Volunteer teachers to work at orphanage, day care centre/primary school in Uganda


MMANZE CENTRE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING-MACERUDET is a community based organization with twenty five years experience working with the socially and economically needy poor people in the typical rural areas of Uganda in Wakiso district. We are trying to help the rural people in the...

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Youth Livelihood Project in Uganda


From the facts finding survey conducted by Isore women Initiative for sustainable development the following issues were noted: - 500 Youth are currently unemployed as a result of early marriages on the increase. - 500 Youth are redundant in the rural areas since majority are unemployed, they...

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Support ongoing feeding scheme in South Africa


Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, poverty and unemployment remain major challenges facing our country, South Africa. We are encountering a huge number of referrals for assistance because of these problems. Our organisation tries to address the problems through 7 separate interrelated projects namely:...



Scientific Educational Development for Community Organization - abbreviated as SEDCO is a registered organisation working for the empowerment of the marginalised children, women and agricultural labourers in Thoothukudi District of Tamilnadu, India. It focuses on addressing the problems and the...

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Laptops needed for students in Sierra Leone


Helping Children Worldwide is an American NGO that seeks to provide hope to impoverished children, their families and communities. The organization currently supports vulnerable children in Sierra Leone through the Child Rescue Centre. Helping Children Worldwide supports students from nursery...

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Vocational training for rural women in Pakistan


We run a vocational centre in a rural area of the Chung district, Lahore. The centre works for the benefit of poor rural women and girls. 150 rural women and girls are currently being trained. We would like to extend the provision at the centre, and help more women in the area. We need help to...

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Support youth to youth education in Ghana


Peer Educators Club-Ghana (PEC-GH) is an NGO helping young people on development and health. PEC-GH aims to help young people in making informed decisions, as we provide support and counseling to the vulnerable youth in the society. The issue that PEC-GH is trying to address is the...

Hope Foundation (HF)


Hope Foundation (HF) is involved in developmental and humanitarian activities with the main goal of improving the standards of living of people in rural communities. HF intervenes in fields such as education, health, water and sanitation, child care human rights, environment, women empowerment, ICT...

Bridge Over Troubled Waters (BOTW)


Bridge Over Troubled Waters (BOTW) works to promote poverty alleviation and improvements in health and well-being for individuals, families and communities in the UK and overseas. The organization advocates a holistic approach to promoting and maintaining positive mental health, through the...

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Advocating for Women Land-ownership Rights in Kasase District, Uganda


We are trying to help women who have lost the ownership of land to their husbands, thus leaving them with no land for cultivation which has greatly increased the levels of poverty. The right to property and equality with evidence indicates great abuse of women rights over land ownership in...