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Bethel Children Ministry


Bethel children Ministry (BCM) is a community based non-governmental organisation registered with Lira District Local Government in Uganda. BCM is working to create a prosperous wealthy and healthy community for the less privileged and needy people, orphans and vulnerable children and widows by...

Radio Fire International Ministries


Radio Fire Emmanuel International Ministries in Kenya is a christian, non-profit, non-political organization preaching and teaching the christian faith. It liaises with the government and other agencies to help combat ills such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic and drug abuse. It facilitates dialogue and...

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Volunteers needed for event management and other administrative assistance in Hong Kong


The Samaritans is a non-profit, non-religious organisation giving confidential emotional support to people who are suicidal or are in general distress. Our services are provided by unpaid, trained volunteers to anyone regardless of age, creed, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Since...

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Establish a seed fund for rural women entrepreneurs in Uganda


We are an organization that has helped to start village savings banks (over 17) among rural women in villages throughout Eastern Uganda. Each week, the women get together to add a small amount of money that they have saved to a combined fund. Women can then take loans from the savings bank and...

Kizazi Kkipya RHS


A Kenyan organization specializing in providing free family planning services, maternal and child health care and general reproductive health services, to poor women in both rural and urban areas.

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Protect children in Pakistan


PRSP is a newly established organization interested in thematic areas like education, child protection, GBV, and women's empowerment. We have been involved in a child protection survey and have established the need for a child protection intervention. We have had some help and guidance from World...

Arcot Annai Indiraa Women's Welfare Association


Arcot Annai Indiraa Women's Welfare Association (AAIWWA) is a not for profit Indian organisation. The organisation works for women's development, women's health and women's education, and has set up a number of self-help groups.

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Develop community project in Kenya


We are a community based organization in Kenya and aim to help the most vulnerable children in our community. We are also interested in helping women. We carry conduct HIV/AIDS training and provide seed money for business development. We also support the education of orphans who make craft items...

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Education and training for orphans and disabled people in Uganda


We are an NGO that works for people with disabilities and also for vulnerable children, providing education and vocational training. We also run an orphanage where we provide food, support and health care. We want to extend our ability to support the children in our care and to work with other...

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Partner to upscale poverty alleviation and climate change project in India


We are helping indigenous women and youths at the base of the pyramid, enabling them earn some US$ 3-5 a day from just under US$ 1 a day. We are into production and ensuring alternative livelihood for them introducing from their destructive system of livelihood. The program helps them to...