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Bakiga Community Project


The Bakiga Community Project is a community project that provides seeds, fertiliser and money for spraying to families who otherwise would not be able to plant the fields they own. After the harvest, the money is repaid and used to support the family, mainly with school fees. The Project also...

Life Mission for Orphans and Widows' Concern - Uganda (LIMOWIC-U)


Life Mission for Orphans and Widows' Concern - Uganda (LIMOWIC-U) is a voluntary community-based organisation in Buyanga Sub–County of Bugweri County in the Iganga District. The organisation aims to provide education and an opportunity for orphans to grow up in a caring family environment, empower...

The Compassion Movement


The Compassion Movement is a religious organisation based in Nepal and Pakistan. The organisation trains young people in discipleship, and aims to spread Christian teaching through its missions in Pakistan and Nepal.The Compassion movement also works in the following fields of activity: Child care,...

Youth Forum For Social Action (YFSA)


Youth Forum For Social Action (YFSA) provides social, empowerment, and educational programmes to the indigenous peoples of the eastern parts of the newly-created Tribal State of Chhatisgarh in Central India.

Foundations of Hope International


Foundations of Hope International is a ministry of the Christian organisation, ASSIST, based in Canada. Foundations of Hope was established to help Congolese women victims of sexual violence and poor women to access small amounts of money or micro credits for small trades and farming. Currently,...

Convoy of Hope - International Community Care


Convoy of Hope provides humanitarian aid and support to help relieve poverty and to improve living conditions. They assist those in need in mainly schools, hospitals and orphanages.

Provita Project Vila Itaim


Provita Project Vila Itaim is a project supported by Projeto Filadelfia to provide feeding, complementary education, courses and activities to more than 300 children, orphans and poor people living in Sao Paulo.

National Development Foundation (NDEF Cameroon)


The National Development Foundation (NDEF Cameroon) implements programmes that enhance the socio-economic development of vulnerable rural populations, including programmes on child rights. Other programmes focus on agriculture, education, environment, health and the social domain. The organisation...

ULPSNYC - Netzer


The Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues New York City - Netzer (ULPSNYC-Netzer) is a youth movement that teaches youth awareness and action at many levels, focussing on creative expression, teamwork, organisation, decision-making and leadership.

Integrated Village Ministry


Integrated Village Ministry (PESAT) was established in 1987 and aims to see a holistic transformation for village communities in Indonesia through reaching people in inaccessible areas, empowering village communities through education, providing health ministries, planting values of justice and...