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Progressive Initiative for Cameroon (PICAM)


Progressive Initiative for Cameroon (PICAM) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to improving and transforming the Cameroonian society through innovative research and practical activities.

ARUDMO (A Rural Development Movement)


ARUDMO (A Rural Development Movement) is an NGO established in Ghana which works towards sustainable community development in a number of African countries. The organisation promotes action against chronic poverty by providing resources, practical skills and education to families and communities,...

The Scout Association of Belize


The Scout Association of Belize encourages the physical, mental, and spiritual development of young people so that they may take a constructive place in society. The organisation provides an enjoyable and attractive plan of progressive training based on the Scout Promise and Law and guided by adult...

Hope Insitutue of Uganda, Inc. (HIU)


Hope Insitutue of Uganda, Inc. (HIU) provides economic opportunities and education to young people in the Jinja District in Uganda. Hope Insitutue of Uganda gives education scholarships, partner for water projects and send medical teams for surgery camps. They sell jewellery and other items made...

Ayuda en Accion - Ecuador


'Ayuda en Accion' is the Spanish sister organisation of Action Aid International and works in a similar way, providing emergency aid and promoting a rights-based approach to poverty reduction. In Ecuador, their programmes revolve around education. They include the construction of classrooms, water...

Ayuda en Accion - Bolivia


'Ayuda en Accion' is a Spanish development cooperation, independent, nonpartisan and nondenominational that works to promote structural changes that contribute to the eradication of poverty. It works with communities throughout Bolivia, focusing on education and literacy, community development,...

Hives Save Lives - Africa


Hives Save Lives aim to alleviate poverty in Africa by creating livelihoods, providing employment and generating income through beekeeping. Hives Save Lives provide practical support in the form of hives, training and equipment, delivered directly to those who need it most. Communities marginalised...

Church World Service (CWS) - Uruguay


Church World Service (CWS) is a cooperative ministry of Christian denominations and providing sustainable self-help, development, disaster relief, and refugee assistance around the world. In Uruguay, the program helps children who work in trash collection to raise their self-esteem and use of...

CARE International - Philippines


CARE International is an international humanitarian organisation that helps families in poor communities improve their lives and overcome poverty. In the Philippines, CARE’s projects include promoting economic and conservation development to protect biodiversity and natural resources, empowering...

Starfish Malawi


Starfish Malawi is a non-profit, faith-based charity organisation serving the homeless and poor people in Malawi. It provides physical needs and development products to the youth in order to improve their intellectual potential and to empower them. Our main objectives are: providing access to...