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International Projects Advisory Board


The International Projects Advisory Board is made up of respected and trusted experts, each working in their own fields around the world to help fulfil the vision to make the world a safer and kinder place for all children. It plays a key role in researching, recommending, monitoring and expanding...

Serve India


Serve India is an Indian NGO that works in urban and rural areas in Delhi. Its main focus is on the provision of relief during natural disasters. Other areas in which Serve India is involved include education, health care, micro-enterprise development (MED), income generation, and vocational...

Setting Development and Keeping the Foundation (SDKF)


Setting Development and Keeping the Foundation (SDKF) provides care and skills training to disadvantaged children and youth in Kampala and Nakaseke Districts in Uganda.

Auroville Village Action Group


The Auroville Village Action Group was set up to better organise the various activities in Auroville, India which had developed out of the Village Action Group which began in 1983. All these activities were based in the perception that in its search to realise an actual Human Unity, Auroville had...

Calvary International - Go To Nations


Go To Nations (ex-Calvary International) is a faith-based non profit agency, providing technical and practical support to workers in the field. It interfaces with local organisations to raise awareness, present projects, provide training and serves as a facilitator among individuals and...

GRADEL Groupe d'Action de Developpement Local


GRADEL is a non-profit organisation, working for the development of the people of Benin. It is a local development group, that aims to increase the living standards of those in need by teaching IT and communication skills to young people, so expanding their employment opportunities.

The International Foundation of Hope (IFHope)


The International Foundation of Hope (IFHope) is a US based non government organization (NGO) that recognises and values the potential of the people of Afghanistan. IFHope has been working in Afghanistan since 1998 in the three interrelated areas of economic development, community empowerment and...

The Christ School


The Christ School is a middle school providing grades from kindergarten through 8th grade. The school provides a loving environment in which children can grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially. It also arranges events for raising funds, such as walkathons, a golf tournament,...

CCLP Worldwide- International Organization of Education Charter


CCLP Worldwide popularly known as the International organization of Education Charter is engaged in promoting Higher education, Importance of higher education for better livelihood Education for all Education for sustainable development Education for a better life Education for equality ...

Solidarity Against AIDS Organization


Solidarity Against AIDS Organization is a community-based organization offering HIV/AIDS services in Amuria and Soroti Districts in eastern Uganda. Its mission is to improve the health of the people of Teso region, through various programs of mitigation against the impact of HIV/AIDS on the...