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International Youth Council South Sudan Chapter


The South Sudan Chapter of the International Youth Council provides a local perspective and input consistent with the overall mission of the Council. South Sudan Chapter aims to promote sustainable development (social equity, environmental quality, and economic viability) through cross-cultural,...

ChangeMaker Society for Social and Economic Development


The ChangeMaker Society for Social and Economic Development is a Bangladeshi NGO devoted to setting up a framework that will encourage the development of aa pattern-setting system to strengthen and engage the poor in mainstream social and economic development. ChangeMaker's key focus is on...

Rural Energy Trust CIG (RETcig)


The Rural Energy Trust CIG (RETcig) is a new NGO in Cameroon. The organisation aims to bring affordable renewable solar energy products to off-grid rural households and assist them to obtain consumer loans from local and international microfinance institutions. RETcig in partnership with its...

Community Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Environmental Programme


The Community Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Environmental Programme (CSHEP) is a Kenyan NGO that trains farmers in biointensive and organic agriculture for food security. The organisation uses community development solutions that are aimed at improving living standards and reducing...

Women of Purpose Community Development Centre


The Women of Purpose Community Deveopment Centre is a Kenyan NGO that aims to empower women, particularly widows and poor women, and orphans and vulnerable children. The organisation tries to address issues such as poverty, illiteracy,reproductive health and outdated cultural practices that...

Entrust Foundation


The Entrust Foundation is an Australian NGO that identifies and manages projects to help the poorest of the poor in the forgotten corners of the world. The Foundation specialises in collaborative partnerships with donors and manages the projects at no cost to the project or donor, paying for all...

The Body Shop Foundation


In 2009, the Body Shop launched a 3-year strategic campaign in partnership with End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT). This was the first campaign of its kind between a major cosmetics company and an international network of local NGOs to...

Beluah London


Beulah London is a luxury fashion company, founded in 2011 by English aristocrat Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs and fashion designer Lavinia Brennan, that dedicates itself to social justice in its employment of Indian human trafficking victims to manufacture their clothing and accessories. The...

Uganda Down's Syndrome Association (UDSA)


The Uganda Down's Syndrome Association is an NGO that identifies, cares for and serves people born with Down's Syndrome and their families. The Association aims to provide a common voice for people with learning disabilities and other impairments, promoting their rights and opportunities.

Free the Children


Free The Children is an international charity and youth movement started in 1995 by children's rights advocate Craig Kielburger when he was 12 years old. The organization is largely youth funded, based on the concept of ╩║children helping children.╩║ It specializes in sustainable development and...