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Establish Women Empowerment Groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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La Floraison

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

In areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo like Fizi that are heavily dependent on agriculture, most women are overworked and without power in the household. They are engaged in housework and domestic labour from morning to night, as they have to look after their husbands, draw water, clean the plot in the morning, do the dishes, go to the field, pound cassava manually, prepare food, fetch water, wash the clothes of the family, wash the children in the evening, manually grind manioc or corn for dinner, prepare the beds etc.

In short, women in Fizi are oppressed and prevented from participating in most socioeconomic and cultural activities. These conditions persist because of ignorance, and because people in the community do not understand the concept of gender equality. In addition, they do not use or understand new techniques to reduce women’s work load, e.g., in the cassava and maize mills.

Currently, most women do not participate in decision making in the community, as they have no time for this. At the same time, they are often victims of sexual or domestic violence.

We want to help women to have better more productive lives and to understand their rights through setting up women’s empowerment groups. Women’s Groups will also allow women to learn about new technologies and so help them to reduce their workloads. They will also learn about new ways of earning a living, and so be in a position to increase their household income.

What is your project and how will it help?

We will apply the methodology of the Women’s Empowerment Group (WEG) to invest in the group of young women who will become community leaders and have the ability to participate in household decisions. They will be equipped with skills in the management of income generating activities (mills, sewing, computer literacy), which contribute to the improvement of their status by diversifying their sources of income. Empowerment will also lead to the reduction of sexual violence in communities through increased awareness of the concept of gender equality and the establishment of community mechanisms to prevent cases of gender based violence. There will also be an increased participation by women in community leadership and the workload of women will be reduced by the promotion of technologies that reduce working time.

The main objective of the project is to improve the economic conditions of rural women. Activities will be undertaken to:

- Involve women in community decision-making and management of community projects,

- Reduce the workload of rural women

- Create women based community training centres

- Increase employment opportunities for women

- Create women’s enterprises in different villages of the territory

How can other people partner with you on your project?

The first part of the project aimed at establishing three Women’s Empowerment Groups, funded by the African Women Development Fund to the value of US$ 15,000

We need other people to partner with us in the implementation of 67 other women’s empowerment groups needed in the territory of Fizi.

To partner with us, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail, so we can send you more information.

Please detail the resources that you need.

The resources needed, include:

- materials (mills, sewing equipment, computer equipment, clothes)
- Administrative costs
- Training costs

The estimated cost for one Women Empowerment Group is US$ 5,000

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