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Funding needed for maize marketing enhancement in Uganda

Requested by

Kyembogo Farmers' Association (KYEFA)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

A number of Civil Society Organizations have also supplemented government interventions in the agricultural sector. Most of them have targeted maize production which they have recorded success with less effort on markets. Farmers have produced a lot of maize but post harvest issues, storage and value-addition through processing has demoralized them to the extent of quitting maize enterprise, which affect their food security. The same farmers who produce maize are the same customers for the processed produce. KYEFA thinks that farmers should address the issue together urgently.

Despite evident potential for value-addition on maize enterprise, the proportion of Uganda’s maize processed at farmers level is believed to be no more than 5% and therefore attract less returns. Increasing this is a challenge because of poor links between different stakeholders, low capacity of farmers to participate in value chains, inadequate market information to guide farmers in market-oriented farming, poor quantity and quality of goods produced, lack of proper equipment, machinery, etc.

Markets call for prior planning of production and value-addition infrastructure so as to match farmers’ supply with market demands. Thus, farmers/producers and processors need to cooperate in value-addition, agro-processing and marketing of maize.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project period will be 2 years. Based on the lessons that KYEFA has learnt through its community development and livelihoods initiatives, it is proposing an intervention that motivates the community to take center-stage in analyzing their own problem, defining their direction together, implementing their defined direction in a collaborative manner and assessing themselves. The project aims at identifying market opportunities for maize as an enterprise, value chain, and optimize appropriate post-harvest technologies to enhance the income generating capacity of the farmers from the sub-county and town council. Thus, the farmers will be able to promote products to improve nutrition and household incomes.

Specific Objectives
a)To improve household food security through households involvement in productivity enhancement by 70%
b)To reduce post-harvest handling losses by 75% through the use of good drying techniques and storage of maize produce
c)To add value to maize produce through processing, packaging and branding as alternative marketing to attract extra investments
d)To create sustainable market linkages

- KYEFA will ensure that they mobilize farmers train them in appropriate technologies and link them to the processors and other markets. They will be trained in post harvest handling techniques and collective marketing. It will also provide up to date market information regarding the prices of the produce on the market

- The producers/farmers/members will play the biggest role to grow maize on their land and ensure that they put into practice what they have learnt. These are members partially they will ensure that the project succeeds through the participatory monitoring

- The processors: these whenever they needed will either buy the produce or process the produce from the farmers depending on the cost effectiveness approach and the market demands. These negotiations shall be done by KYEFA to ensure that the farmers earn higher from their produce

- Transporters; these will be used to transport produce from the collection centers to the processors or produce buyers depending on the conditions of the buyer or market

- Buyers: these shall buy the produce from the farmers through the KYEFA and get the produce from the collective centers delivered by the farmers or delivered for them

- The government officials; these will help us on the quality management aspects if the project

How can other people partner with you on your project?

At the moment we are looking for help to finance the project. We are in need of donors who will provide part of the funding for the project and provide information relating the project whenever possible.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Market linkages and post harvest handling: USD 14,067
Strengthening Rural Producer Organisations: USD 25,778
Establishment of viable and sustainable marketing system USD 46,741
Program management support USD 20,000
Administrative costs USD 19,300

Total USD 125,886

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Africa: Uganda

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