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Joint Aid Management (JAM)


Joint Aid Management (JAM) is a humanitarian relief and development organisation which operates programmes based on a Complete Community Development Assistance (CCDA) model. This includes nutritional interventions, school feeding, assistance to orphans and vulnerable children, the provision of...

Fundación Empresas Polar


Fundación Empresas Polar, sponsored by Empresas Polar, is an organization dedicated to support and promote innovative and sustainable initiatives that strengthen the social fabric of Venezuela. It works as a committed partner with the community, focusing on the areas of Education, Community...

Dictionary Project


Dictionary Project is a nonprofit organisation, with the goal of assisting all students in completing the school year as good writers, active readers, creative thinkers and resourceful learners by providing students with their own personal dictionary.

Community Business


Community Business works with member companies in three distinct areas of corporate social responsibility: CSR strategy and policy, corporate community investment, and diversity in the workplace. In addition to serving member companies, Community Business promotes CSR best practice through...

Caritas Makeni


Caritas Makeni is the relief and development agency of the Diocese of Makeni in Sierra Leone’s northern province. Caritas Makeni supports the efforts of disadvantaged and less privileged people in Sierra Leone to promote their own development, irrespective of creed, tribe, gender or race. The...

Ethical Volunteering


Ethical Volunteering is a website that offers advice and information for people who are interested in international volunteering and want to make sure that what they do is of value to themselves and the people they work with.

Help Africa Relief and Development, Inc. (HARD Relief)


Help Africa Relief and Development, Inc. (HARD Relief) provides humanitarian assistance, health care and education to vulnerable populations.

Response & Development Fund (ERDF) of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc


Response&Development Fund (ERDF) of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc provides disaster relief and also administers long-term sustainable community development projects in developing countries.

Fútbol Project (TFP)


Fútbol Project (TFP) aims to empower underprivileged and orphaned children and young adults through sports; and to build relationships between children and youths in the global north and those in the global south. TFP donates sports equipment to organisations that work with youth with an...

Sigrid Rausing Trust


The Sigrid Rausing Trust was founded to promote international human rights. The grant programmes are Civil and Political Rights, Women’s Rights, Minority Rights, Social Justice and the Miscellaneous Fund.