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Construction of School building for tribal girls in Jharkhand state, India

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Social and Healthy Action for Rural Empowerment (SHARE)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Our target group is indigenous tribal population living in remote tribal villages. In Jamshedpur, the girl children are forced to migrate from their villages to the slums by their family since these families are victim of displacement by the big dam construction, coal mines, Industries, etc. In the slums, the girls lack food, clothes, entertainment and also affect from urbanization. The girl children are always busy for homestead work with their mothers to learn the basics of homestead work. The mother is interested in engaging her daughter in homestead work, rather than their education. So, most of the tribal girl is engaging in homestead work at slums area of Jamshedpur.

The real empowerment of the tribal girls is only possibly through education. Low levels of educational attainment coupled with familial and social neglect has inhibited their growth potential. Jharkhand along with Bihar has the lowest female literacy rate of 39.98 %. A large proportion of school age girls remain outside the school system due to important factors explained largely by low access of females to education system in the traditional value system which plays a greater premium on male rather than the female. Since resources are scarce, parents decide to send male children to school in preference to female.
So our project is to construct a school for those tribal girls as to ensure them have the chance to access to education.

What is your project and how will it help?

The organization has its own land in the tribal village where the school is proposed for the girl children. We plan to construct 5 to 6 classrooms for the tribal girls. About 300 tribal girl children will be the direct beneficiary of the project and 1000 tribal families will be indirectly benefitted during the course of the project.
Our main focus is education and income generation training through vocational training inputs. Our project concept focuses on providing basic facilities for all children through sensitization of the community and capacity building up of their families. The long term benefit of the project will help the girls getting easily access to education, delaying early marriage and denying migration from their village. The emphasis is on action learning: Physical education through games & sports; Creativity development through role play, poem & poetry write practicing, field work and group work; Mental development through disciplinary practices of human behavior, religion, Vision, Mission, Strategy, Objective and Program of life. Modern electronic method (computer) all are combined to challenging environment to define problems and find workable solution.

To enhance the Education infrastructure for tribal girl children
• Construction of School Building
• Enhancement of Educational equipment, materials, and environment
• Formation of School Management committee
• Appointment Qualitative & quantitative Faculty
• Formation of School Management committee with Guardian and intellectual persons
• Give advertisement for Faculty and Take interview and select with the basis of merit
• To mainstreaming of the primitive tribe children in society
• To providing better education facilities of tribal & primitive tribe children.
• To develop children on Intellectual-competent
• To develop intellect and vocational skill in the children
• To build up good moral character student -Class room education -Practices by teacher
-Practical class
– Games & Sports -Exposure visit
-Cultural Events
– Wall Magazine & Annual Magazine
Learning: – Home work
-Doing & learning
-Art & Culture Student’s Facilities:
– Better Teaching Staffs
– Library facilities
-Computer practices facilities
-to hold vocational classes
-Games & Sports materials
-Art & culture Equipment

How can other people partner with you on your project?

The project for tribal girl school requires some resources. Those who are willing to contribute or partner can help/support us in raising fund for the various items/infrastructures. Since we have a FCRA, we can take donations from abroad. Individuals or donors can get the information about donations/grant by visiting our website:

Please detail the resources that you need.

We need following items or financial support:
Items Number of items Support/ contribution required
Construction of School Building 6 room: INR 4,50,000.00 (7,397.79 USD)
Construction of 3 Toilets : INR 75,000.00 (1,232.99 USD)
Furniture 90: INR 1,35,000.00 (2,219.45 USD)
Miscellaneous expenditures : INR 1,50,000.00 (2,466.05 USD)
Total cost: INR 810000.00 (13,316.41 USD)

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