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Vocational training for tribal people in India

Requested by

Association for Community Training (ACT)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The Association for Community Training (ACT) is an Indian NGO that works for social justice and a more equal society.

In addition to our work with various marginalised communities, we also concentrate on issues pertaining to vulnerable/weaker communities including discrimination against Dalits.

We want to develop the work we have already done with a section of this community, namely, quarry workers. This involved undertaking a comprehensive survey, with the support of local young volunteers, which covered 185 quarries in 28 locations where we met 4062 tribal families and collected socio-economic, health, educational, and environmental data from them.

This information is documented in the form of papers and audio cassettes and kept in our office. We organized the people we interviewed into quarry worker units in each village, and registered them. Every family was provided with an identity card (family card) issued by the ILO (Indian Labour Office). Through our intervention, these families are now able to vote, buy food at government run fair price shops, and claim accident and death relief. In this way, a total of 2468 tribal families have achieved social identity.

They continue to face problems, however, and now need help to find sustainable employment.

What is your project and how will it help?

This project is about abiding by the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples and allowing the tribes to take their appropriate place in society. We want to ensure that they achieve a contented, secure and independent lifestyle by providing technical assistance and relevant standard setting activities. Also by undertaking promotional activities to improve their culture, health, human rights, the environment and socio, and economic development.

Following on from the work we have already done (described above), we want to ensure that these people are now helped to find permanent jobs to protect themselves and to lead dignified, self sustainable lives. We fear that if they are not provided with relevant support, they may go back to their former work in the quarries and suffer as before.

The project involves the provision of appropriate vocational training for both men and women.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

People can partner with us many different ways – but we are in need of funding to get the project running.

Please see attached document to learn more about the project or contact
DR.Bennet Benjamin
Development consultant
Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC)
YELLAGIRI Hills, Tirupattur
Vellore Dist, Tamilnadu, India

Please detail the resources that you need.

Total starting sum: US$ 11,026

1.Training: US$: 300

Life skill training for 3 batches for women, girls, young people(both sexes) Rs.5000×3 prog. Rs.15000 cost includes preparation of resource materials, hiring film show equipment, cost of resource person, conveyance and working lunch.

2.Sewing School: US$ 3068
To set up sewing school (tailoring skill training centre) for both illiterate and literate young girls (14 – 25), 1 yr training, on a 40 girls per year basis. It will be a continuous programme, to cover all the neediest tribal girls.

3. Automobile technology: US$: 2,158
To setup automobile technology workshop to train 40 tribal boys (14 – 25) for 1 year.

4. Farming support : US$: 5,500
Goat and milk cow support for 20 tribal women. An unit of the goat kid to 10 women (couple of kids) worth Rs.5000/- and milk cow for 10 women worth Rs.15000/-

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Asia: India

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Community development; Education and training; Human rights


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