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Funding for water project in Angola

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Hope for Angola

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Improving access to safe-drinking water and sanitation is one of the greatest development challenges in Angola, as indicated by successive outbreaks of cholera, a typically water born disease, that since 2006 has claimed nearly 50,000 victims. To achieve MDG 7 in Angola by 2015, requires the provision of safe water to 9 million people and appropriate sanitation to 7.7 million people nationwide.

Despite major efforts by the government to improve water and sanitation services nationally, big challenges remain with regard to the provision of these services in peri-urban and rural areas, where the poorest live. In a province like Luanda, one with the highest number of residents in the country, the challenges of developing water and sanitation schemes is complicated by the extreme vulnerability and poverty of the population.

Our project is aimed at providing access to clean water for the population of Songo, where many displaced people now live.

The project contributes to the objectives of the Estrategia de Combate a Pobreza (ECP), the Angola poverty eradication strategy. The interventions outlined in this document aim to support national priorities highlighted in the ECP regarding the water and sanitation sector, against the backdrop of the MDGs and the Millennium Declaration, especially goal 7, as well as goal 6 related to combating other diseases (e.g., water borne diseases such as cholera), which may cause abortion in women, and infertility in both men and women.

What is your project and how will it help?

This project aims especially to improve access to water in the Songo areas which has large groups of residents without water and where economic self-reliance among the population has to be facilitated in order to stabilize the population, and ensure lasting peace and effective economic recovery. Currently, people have to walk about 10km every day to fetch water from the river, which places a heavy burden on women in particular.

The project will initially target 12,000 vulnerable rural people in Songo. While the initial target coverage will be limited, the project will produce a multiplier effect with possible far reaching implications through an expanded institutional strengthening and capacity building process in additional municipalities of Uige Province, then covering a total of 36,000 families by 2015.

The project entails promoting a network of autonomous units of small utilities, with the local government at the centre, confining its role to monitoring the network, regulating the sector, pushing for the autonomy of communities in the management of their water schemes.

The main focus of the project is the construction of a reservoir from Manzau Water Falls, (about 12km away from the tank). This will enable us to bring safe drinking water into the tank in Songo and by force of gravity, water will be canalized to 12,000 families.

To achieve this, the project seeks to:

(a) Construct a reservoir at Manzau Water Falls. This reservoir will be filled by water which, by force of gravity, will be forced to flow down into the tank in Songo. From Songo, water is canalized to reach water points (chavaris) in the communities of Kifuata, 4 de Fevereiro, Zulumongo, 1 de Maio, and Kimussungu.

(b) Construct 5 public water points.

The project aims to involve the communities themselves in caring for the water and the services they receive.

Full details of the way in which the project is intended to work can be found in the attached document.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Other people are encouraged to help through provision of resources, skills training for the target groups, evaluation and monitoring of the project.

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