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Protect children in Pakistan

Requested by

Pakhtunkhwa Rural Support Programme (PRSP)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

PRSP is a newly established organization interested in thematic areas like education, child protection, GBV, and women’s empowerment. We have been involved in a child protection survey and have established the need for a child protection intervention. We have had some help and guidance from World Vision.
When their part of the project was completed, they left us their tents, room coolers, recreational kits, fans, white boards, coverings for the floor(mats), A psycho-social support corner was well established.

PDMA invited PRSP to continue this intervention voluntarily. PRSP has set up the project but cannot afford to maintain and run it for 6 months as we would like to do.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project is a child protection intervention and the activities will be:

1. The separation of children from families will be prevented and addressed and family-based care will be guaranteed;

2. Child rights violations will be monitored, reported and responded to in collaboration with Protection Cluster partners;

3. Key aspects of the protective environment for children will be strengthened through facilitating access to relief and social assistance from various other agencies and government, information about decisions and response important for the displaced, psycho-social support and recreational activities, legal assistance, and the general safety and security of children in the camps and communities will be monitored;

4. Child protection groups within the camp will be developed to prevent risks to children (further) violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect);

5. Capacity building of communities, children, duty bearers and other key
stakeholders on identification and responding of child protection issues;

6. Promoting active participation of children, community based child protection committees and other stakeholders in promoting child rights, raising child protection issues, sharing them with responsible authorities for its resolution and building accountability at camp level;

7. Maintain Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) that facilitates the development of activities for children and serve as a base for dialogue and awareness sessions on child rights for the fresh influx;

8. The same Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) will also be part of the identification and referral process when child protection cases are identified;

9. Provision of capacity building sessions to adolescents and providing psychosocial counselling support to children in need;

The project will help the PDMA goal and as well provide protection to the new influx from Teerah Valley.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

In camp different organizations are working in different sectors, like health, washing, education, food and distributions. Every organization co-ordinates with the others for referrals, such as health referrals to MSF or MERLIN. These types of project cannot be implemented individually.

We would like other people to help us by contributing to the costs of the project as detailed below.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Salary of 1 project manager and 10 CP officers for 5 CPCs one male and a female on each CPC ( child protection centers) for 6 months.

1 month salary of PM ( 60,000X 1) 6 months (6×60,000= 360,000)
1 month salary ( 10×30,000= 300,000) 6 months (6×300,000= 1,800,000)

Petrol charges for one vehicle for 6 months.
1 month Rps ( 1000×30= 30,000) 6 months (6×30,000=180,000)

Rent of 1 vehicle for 6 months. 6 months (6x 50,000=300,000)

Stationery Cost of 6 months. 6 months (6x 10,000=60,000)

Amount requested for this project in PK rupees is 2,700,000
US$ 27,272 for operations.

See attachment for details.

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