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Health Project in Rural Cameroon

Requested by

Cameroon Christian Welfare Medical Foundation (CAMCWEMEF)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We are a community based non-profit making organization aiming at helping the Esu village which has a population of about 30,000 inhabitants, which is the largest population amongst about the 24 villages that make up the Fungom Sub Division in the Menchum Division of the N.W Region of Cameroon.

Before the creation of FAITH HEALTH CENTER in 2011 by CAMCWEMEF, Esu only had one health center in the whole village, owned an managed by the Government under the supervision of a state registered nurse, (the Chief of Post), and four health care workers. Thus, Esu is a village with a rapidly growing population with an ever increase demand for quality healthcare for the medically ill.

Esu has never had a qualified resident doctor or the supplies needed to really conduct basic and quality medical practices. Because of these conditions the FAITH HEALTH CENTER was created to reduce the number of patients who are usually are referred to the nearest hospital, which is found in Wum about 26 km away. Many people cannot afford to go to this hospital because poor transportation facilities. They usually resort to traditional medicines or consulting with native doctors.

What is your project and how will it help?

The health programs by the FAITH HEALTH CENTER in Esu village and constant health care and home visit conducted by our staff revealed that Esu as a village in desperate need of quality health care services in order to have any hope of further hope for children, families and communities to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living life in all its fullness. The FAITH HEALTH CENTER still lack equipments and medication to continuously helping providing health to this community.

The first phase of the project which is ongoing after there arrival of a volunteer Medical Doctor from Romania and three registered nurses, two assistant nurses, two laboratory technician, two project management staff and peer Educators since 2011. The ongoing health project is situated in Wenegh Esu village and they need medical supplies. The project, site will entail see renovation of the current health facility providing it with a new painting face, electricity, and running water facilities. These improvements will allow this village to have a medical center that meets the expected standards of a modern health institution. With enough donor support, a long term expectation of this project will be to Equip the people of Esu with knowledge and skills needed to avoid and prevent diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, STIs, HIV/AIDS, diarrhea diseases.

The second phase is expected to start on construction at the permanents site of two hectares of land donated by the community Fon of Esu. This land donated is a community support and encouraging the Members of CAMCWEMEF to continue to good work they are doing in Esu.

Project Objectives:

• Bring quality health care to Esu in order to improve health and lives of its community
• Bring qualified health care workers to Esu to facilitate quality health care
• Create easy access to health care in Esu village
• Ensure a sustainable and long-lasting improvement in the health and well-being of this vulnerable population of Esu

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Any partnership is appreciated; we shall welcome partnership in the domain of volunteer placement like nurses and medical doctors. We shall also welcome medical donation of medical materials, laboratory equipments, hospital equipments and medication. We shall also welcome any body from any country willing to help us in project management and evaluation.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Costs include:

- Medicines
- Rents
- Renovation
- Electricity
- Petrol
- Water
- Telephone
- Transportation
- Ambulance
- Petrol

Total Cost: USD 100,000

Please contact us for a detailed budget.

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