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Vocational skills training for poor youth in Pakistan

Requested by

Helping Hands Welfare Association Baltistan

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Through this proposed project we are trying to help the young unskilled youth of Baltistan, Pakistan to empower them economically and socially. The targeted youth are unskilled, unemployed, destitute, vulnerable and poor. Sustainable job skills training will enable them to access available jobs. In the Baltistan region, the education ratio, especially for females, is going to increase day by day. There are many job opportunities in government and the private sector for both males and females in Gilgit and Baltistan but lack of vocational skills (e.g. sewing, knitting, computers) means they cannot apply for these jobs.

In the proposed project area there is no well equipped vocational training centre, especially for women. Many of the educated, as well as uneducated, women are not getting jobs due to lack of skills. To overcome this disadvantage and to increase the job opportunities for both men and women, the establishment of the above program is to help the whole community. This project will provide in their own community quality vocational training in operating computers, sewing, knitting and many other skills so that they do not have to move to distant areas to learn those vocational skills.

It is expected that after getting the training, the beneficiaries of the targeted area would be able to get good jobs which will overcome poverty and improve the living standard of the people, especially for females, of the area.

What is your project and how will it help?

The proposed project is developed to provide vocational education to about 100 male and female unskilled youth of Baltistan, Pakistan (out of a total population of about 50,000). Under this project, the Youth Sustainable Skills and Empowerment Program, 100 men and women will get one year of vocational skill/education in computers, sewing and knitting. Two sessions will be conducted containing 50 students in each session.

Youth sustainable vocational skills and empowerment interventions can be increased through collaboration with existing government organizations in order to scale up the program. The categories of young people who need vocational skills interventions include those who are school drop outs, unskilled and unemployed and orphans. Youths are in dire need of basic needs and supplementary benefits. This service can hence be used to create opportunities to the target group who are in and out of school.

In the project, nearly half of the safety cases (youth at risk of suicide, street crimes, sexual and moral exploitation etc), drug practitioners and poor parenting come from youths aged 10-30 years. A third of the national population is made of young people and also half of the manpower to most sectors are young people; therefore, the need for action to control the above crisis has never been more urgent than now.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

This project therefore seeks a total of USD 56,800 to support one year of the youth sustainable vocational skills and empowerment project in Baltistan. The project duration will run for 12 months from March 2013 to March 2014.

Equipment needed for this program includes:

  • 20 sewing machines
  • 20 p-iv computers
  • one laser printer
  • 8 knitting machine
  • furniture and fixtures

Staff salaries are required for:

  • 1 project director
  • 3 vocational instructors
  • other staff.

By providing proper facilities, better salary packages for teachers and enhancing their capacities it is expected that girls and boys from poor families will be better able to get good jobs or establish their own business.

The community has been involved in the proposed project from the start. They have played a key role in planning the project. Some key contributions of community include:

1. Community mobilization to create enabling environment for the project.
2. Awareness raising among community members about the project.
3. Ensuring sustainability through active participation.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Key resources/budget are:

1. Salaries 21,200 USD
2. Program cost 12,900 USD
3. Equipment 18,000 USD
4. Administration 4,700 USD

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