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Finishing construction of community secondary school, Northern Somalia

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Sahal Community Organisation

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The Town of Eilbuh, in Northern Somalia, is home to a large number of displaced livestock farmers who have lost their livelihood in the last few years due to the prolonged and repeated drought that has affected this region in Somalia.

The young people in the town and surrounding area have become destitute in high numbers. Harsh socioeconomic conditions and lack of higher education have in turn escalated their poverty and increased of the likelihood of the youths immigrating to bigger towns in the region.

The unprecedented population growth of the city and the movement of pastoral people from isolated rural areas into the large and overcrowded urban environment of the city, has led to increased poverty and more orphans. Women and children in the town are the most vulnerable groups to different diseases due to the collapse of the health facilities, lack of trained or skilled health professionals and strong central government. Other critical factors that aggravate the situations include poverty, lack of save drinking water and poor hygiene/sanitation conditions.

What is your project and how will it help?

In June 2011, the local elders in the town laid the foundation of the first secondary school with the aim of serving the needs of the local youth. The limited resources were enough to build to build 4 class rooms which are not finished and still after almost a year of this noble project still no student have managed to attend due to the unfinished construction of the school.

Against this backdrop, our organization aims to finish the building of the school in Eilbuh in Sanaag to promote sustainable secondary education which in return will contribute to poverty reduction in the wider region.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Help with the funding for completing the construction of the school

Please detail the resources that you need.

Construction cost:

6 class rooms – $36,000
2 rooms as clinic – $6,000
Offices and reception – $20,500
Multipurpose dining hall – $16,750
60msq powerhouse room – $6,600
Compound Wall [1100msq] – $10,800
6m tall water tank – $7,900
Sanitary network – $7,950

Furnishing costs:

250 chairs – $8,750(250unitx$35)
125 tables – $9,375(125unitx$75)
10 Black boards - $1,300(10unitX$130)
4 computers for office and reception – $1,400(4unitX$350)

Total amount needed US $ 138,925.00

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