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Laundry soaps needed for young students in Cameroon

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MilanoKumbo Sports Academy

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The MilanoKumbo Sports Academy is a duly registered, non profit sports academy based in Kumbo – Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon – Central Africa, training young people in Football, Athletics, Basketball, Handball and Table tennis. Our mission is to help young people to realise that sports can give them future, by building their self esteem and healthy community.

We are looking for a partner who can donate us two cubes of soaps each for 1000 footballers per month for a year in Cameroon.

This will promote clean and healthy living and will eventually contribute their participation for the community development.

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Africa: Cameroon

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Children, youth and family welfare; Community development; HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, all (3)


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    06 May 2011 06:47 GMT

    Global Hand Volunteers
    (Unverified non-profit organisation)

    Silla Chow says: We have done some research to try to find organizations that might be able to provide you with funding/support and have identified the following that you may wish to contact:

    Brother's Brother Foundation ( )

    Brother's Brother Foundation promotes international health and education through the efficient and effective distribution and provision of donated resources.

    You can place a request for help through the website. To do so, please go to and make a request by completing the forms.

    Contact detail: Brother's Brother Foundation, 1200 Galveston Avenue, Pittsburgh PA, 15233, U.S.A.
    Phone: +1-412-321-3160 Fax: +1-412-321-3325 Email:

    We hope this will be of help for your work.